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The New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of Special Education recently issued an advisory informing schools and educators about new and updated special education materials on its website.

The materials include an updated version of the Parental Rights in Special Education booklet and an updated Model Complaint Form, also included in the updated PRISE. Local educational agencies and approved private schools for students with disabilities that distribute these materials are directed to discard the previous versions of these documents and immediately distribute the updated versions.

Additionally, if the website of a LEA or an approved private school for students with disabilities includes these documents, please verify that the previous version is removed and that it is replaced with a link to the current version.

The NJDOE’s Office of Special Education has also posted a new Special Education Complaint Investigation Pamphlet and a new chart that explains the differences between a request for a due process hearing and a state complaint.

If you have questions, contact the Office of Special Education’s Complaint Investigation Unit at 609-376-9060 or via email.