The New Jersey Department of Education recently opened the 2021-2022 school self-assessment for determining grades under the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.

Schools submit local information into the online self-assessment program, and the data is used to grade each public school and district’s efforts to implement the act pursuant to N.J.S.A.18A:17-46. The deadline to submit self-assessments is Oct. 31.

The school safety/school climate team in each school is required to complete the self-assessment and have a school-level user enter the school’s ratings into the online system that is accessed by selecting the “HIB-Grades” link on the NJDOE Homeroom webpage. The district-level user must review the self-assessment for accuracy and request each school make any changes as necessary.

The chief school administrator, charter school lead person or renaissance school project lead person is responsible for presenting each completed self-assessment at a public board of education meeting to obtain public comment and board of education approval. Once board approval is granted, the chief school administrator, charter school or renaissance school project lead person will formally submit the ratings by certifying the statement of assurances in the self-assessment system.

To help schools meet the requirements of this program, the NJDOE has posted online guidance documents and resources that include a school self-assessment summary report and a checklist titled “Overview of Activities.”

If a completed, certified self-assessment is not submitted by the Oct. 31 deadline, the NJDOE may issue a zero for that school’s grade, which will also have a negative effect on the district’s grade.

Email the NJDOE with any questions.