“The Boardroom” podcast returns for a new episode on Wednesday, March 20 at 12 p.m.

The show’s host, Dr. Timothy Purnell, executive director and CEO of the New Jersey School Boards Association, will be joined by three NJSBA staff members from the Association’s Legal, Labor and Policy Department.

Carl Tanksley Jr., general counsel; Kimberly Gatti, director of policy; and Kathleen Asher, director of legal and labor relations, will discuss NJSBA’s legal, policy and labor relations services and resources, and how each unit can assist local boards of education.

“The Boardroom” is a live Q&A session between Purnell, his guest and members. Listeners are encouraged to call in and ask questions. You can participate in the show by calling 609-278-5292. The podcast will be livestreamed via NJSBA’s YouTube, Facebook, X, and Instagram pages.

About the Program “The Boardroom” is similar to a live radio talk show. The show airs live but is also available to listen to and watch later online, or to download to mobile devices.

Listeners only need a computer or smartphone with internet access. The link to the live episode will be shared via NJSBA’s social media pages on the day of the show at the episode’s scheduled time. Follow us on these platforms to never miss a live episode.

Participate in the Program The call-in number to participate in the show is 609-278-5292.