NJSBA is issuing three surveys that are related to the Association’s advocacy goals and agenda for the new legislative sessions.

The first survey, sent to superintendents, assesses how the LIFO (last in-first out) employee seniority system that is in place through statute and regulation affects school district operations.  Contact Frank Belluscio, NJSBA deputy executive director, for more information on this survey.

A survey on the school district accountability regulations will be sent to board presidents, school business administrators and superintendents. The survey is part of the work of the NJSBA Accountability Regulations Task Force, which is studying the impact of the regulations and developing recommendations for changes and improvements in them. The accountability regulations sunset in November 2016.  Contact Michael Kaelber, NJSBA director of legal and labor relations, for more information.

In addition, a survey on unfunded and underfunded state mandates will be sent to board presidents and school business administrators. The survey will help the Association address recent unfunded and underfunded mandates and the financial impact they have on local school boards. For more information, contact Michael Vrancik, NJSBA director of governmental relations.