U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, reflecting on the one-year anniversary of President Joe Biden signing the American Rescue Plan into law March 11, 2021, emphasized what it has meant to schools with the following statement:

“When President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law, the Department of Education went straight to work delivering an unprecedented $130 billion to help schools safely reopen and welcome nearly 100% of America’s K-12 students back into the classroom for in-person learning. We also delivered tens of billions of dollars to begin closing longstanding equity gaps in higher education and help our colleges and universities invest in COVID-19 testing and campus safety, keep tuitions stable and provide financially struggling students with direct assistance to stay enrolled. Today, the department is advising state and local leaders on how they can continue leveraging American Rescue Plan funds to establish new summer and afterschool programs; grow and strengthen a talented and diverse educator workforce; and invest in tutors, counselors and other school staff who can lessen the burden on teachers and help tend to our children’s social, emotional and mental health needs. From kindergarten to high school to college and careers, our North Star remains clear: a robust and equitable recovery that ensures every student is able to succeed and pursue their dreams.”

The White House also issued a fact sheet to celebrate the impact ARP funds are having in classrooms. Featuring highlights from across the country, the fact sheet outlines how ARP dollars helped schools safely reopen while addressing the academic and mental health needs of students.

View the fact sheet.