The New Jersey Department of Education recently announced $7 million in a second round of preliminary grant awards for the implementation of high impact tutoring in 57 additional school districts and charter schools.

The funding will help the schools establish highly effective, evidence-based strategies to promote learning acceleration among students.

High impact tutoring is designed to enable school districts and charter schools to work with educational service vendors, nonprofit organizations and colleges and universities to provide tutoring services. The schools receiving the awards are also able to utilize existing staff for tutoring programs outside of regular classroom instruction.

The first round of high impact tutoring grants, announced in November, awarded $41 million to approximately 240 school districts and charter schools.

“These high impact tutoring grants give our schools access to a powerful tool that can accelerate learning for students throughout New Jersey,” said Kevin Dehmer, acting commissioner of education. “Our efforts are focused on proven approaches that are designed to place students in the best position for academic growth. We know the need is there, and now we have the program in place to help address the need.”

The $7,075,627 in this second round of high impact tutoring grant awards is supported, in part, by federal American Rescue Plan funding outlined in the fiscal year 2024 budget. The grants focus on research-based approaches that have been proved to lead to substantial learning gains, including frequent and extended periods of tutoring with individuals or small groups of students; subject matter that is aligned to state learning standards; and customized, data-driven instruction based on students’ data, provided by highly qualified tutors who regularly collaborate with students’ teachers.

View a full list of the districts that have been awarded preliminary grants and learn more in the news release