Local educational agencies, including charter schools and renaissance school projects, are required to review and update their County District School System information for the 2022-2023 school year, according to an advisory from the New Jersey Department of Education.

The CDS System, located on the New Jersey Department of Education’s Homeroom website, collects and tracks data about educational entities in New Jersey that receive state or federal funds. The CDS data is critical to statewide and federal educational operations.

The CDS System will be open until April 25, so LEAs can update LEA- and school-level data. LEAs must review and certify data annually even if there are no changes to the school codes or supporting information. Data from the CDS System is used across the NJDOE for a wide variety of purposes, including federal reporting requirements.

The open period is the only time that LEAs can enter the system to update all LEA- and school-level information and attributes. However, contact information can be updated at any time during the year.

Find complete instructions on how to review and update information on the welcome page of the CDS System. Email CDShelp@doe.nj.gov with questions.