Every April, schools throughout New Jersey participate in schoolwide and community activities to commemorate Autism Awareness Month. In support and recognition of students with autism spectrum disorder, the New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of Special Education is promoting awareness of ASD during the month of April as an opportunity for educators, students, and parents to learn more about ASD.

The Office of Special Education has created a theme to help encourage and support ASD awareness in schools. This year’s theme for Autism Awareness Month is Colors of My World. The theme encourages schools to take part in fostering ASD awareness to promote understanding and acceptance for individuals with ASD in their schools and surrounding communities. It also encourages schools to celebrate the diversity and contributions individuals with ASD make in the classroom.

Participating schools can share the ways they are promoting ASD awareness and Colors of My World by submitting stories and pictures to the Office of Special Education’s quarterly newsletter, Special Education in Action. Participating schools will have an opportunity to be highlighted in an upcoming issue of the newsletter.

To share your Autism Awareness activities for a chance to be featured, email a brief summary explaining how you celebrated by Friday, May 5, 2023.