The New Jersey Department of Education recently released the application for certain school districts, charter schools and renaissance school projects to participate in a five-year pilot program for the issuance of a limited certificate of eligibility and a limited certificate of eligibility with advanced standing in an instructional area for candidates who meet certain requirements.

The application is available on the NJDOE’s Homeroom webpage, titled “Limited CE and CEAS Five-Year Pilot Application.” Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and processed as they are received.

Local educational agencies that want to participate must submit the application to the NJDOE via Homeroom. The NJDOE will provide a response to each applicant via its county office of education within five business days of receipt. The NJDOE will maintain a list of LEAs approved to participate on its website.

The pilot program was instituted as a result of Gov. Phil Murphy signing S-2826 into law as P.L.2021, c.224(Chapter 224) on Sept. 24. 2021.

Contact Information

Questions concerning the limited CE and CEAS pilot program can be directed to the Office of Recruitment, Preparation and Certification at Questions concerning the LEA application and approval process can be directed to executive county superintendents.

For additional information on Chapter 224, see the NJDOE’s overview and proposed regulations, published in the New Jersey Register on March 7 for a 60-day public comment period.

The NJDOE plans to issue additional guidance for LEAs regarding hiring limited CE or CEAS holders and guidance for potential candidates.