With the release of this week’s School Board Notes, the New Jersey School Boards Association launches a totally retooled website at a familiar location: www.njsba.org. But while our homepage address has not changed, the entire website has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide ease of access to important information.

“Our previous website was chock full of valuable information. Unfortunately, many NJSBA members have told me that the information they needed was not easily accessible,” explained Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, executive director. “With an easy-to-navigate website, we are taking the steps necessary to provide the data and information school board members need to effectively govern their communities’ public schools.

“In particular, I am pleased with the design of our new homepage, which clearly conveys to our members—and the public we serve—the mission of our Association and its members.”

To build NJSBA’s new website, a staff task force surveyed key membership groups and studied analytical information to identify the information members accessed most frequently. They identified data and information to be transferred to the new site, and reorganized it into a logical format—training; services; and news/advocacy. In the process, they reduced the total number of pages by over 90 percent. The final result will be faster access to information.

In addition, the new website will also have an advanced content management system, enabling immediate updating of information at any time.

Let us know your thoughts about the new njsba.org. Contact us at info@njsba.org.