The New Jersey School Boards Association is proud to announce that an updated edition of “Collective Negotiations,” which provides board members and school administrators a roadmap on the collective negotiations process, is now available.

NJSBA staff have updated the book to provide new information on understanding the bargaining process, the legal framework of collective negotiations, an overview of the players at the table, insights on the board and its negotiating team and the development of proposals.

Other topics include understanding and analyzing union proposals, procedures for effective negotiations, bargaining tactics and techniques, bolstering communication at the negotiating table, breaking impasses and navigating job actions and strikes.

“This is an essential resource for all board members and stakeholders involved in collective negotiations,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, executive director of NJSBA. “Even veteran board members will find insights that they can use to work toward positive outcomes.”

After reading the book, you’ll know how to:

  • Start bargaining at the best time.
  • Avoid topics that cannot be legally negotiated.
  • Identify all the players in the negotiation process.
  • Delegate assigned roles to individual board members.
  • Know what to expect from professional negotiators.
  • Analyze union proposals.
  • Implement best practices that lead to success.

The publication provides school board members and stakeholders with a general understanding of the bargaining process as well as a jumping-off point for further research. Readers will also find insights on how to negotiate in ways that provide better outcomes for everyone involved, including students.

Cover price: $50 per copy.

Member price: $45 per copy.

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