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The Roxbury Board of Education in Morris County, which first earned Board Certification in 2001, became recertified in 2017 and earned the Carole E. Larsen board certification in 2018 has become certified all over again.

The board was recently once again recognized with Board Certification for completing 22 training credits in four years, far exceeding the 16 required.

This high-performing board has a culture that it does not take for granted, and it continues to work hard. During these past four years, the board has hired a superintendent, navigated intense board meetings, held annual goal-setting retreats and added additional team building and training retreats. The board has a well-structured evaluation process, being one of the few boards that has already received its compilation of the superintendent’s evaluation.

To earn the Board Certification in four years, a board must complete 16 hours of training together and have a policy wellness check done to ensure its policies are up to date. It must also submit a bargaining agreement to NJSBA’s Labor Relations team and demonstrate board effectiveness through its self-evaluation and the governance portion of QSAC. All members must be current on their mandatory training.

Charlene Peterson, senior field service representative from the NJSBA, along with Bernadette Dalesandro, Morris County School Boards Association president, present the Board Certification to (from left to right) Leo Coakley, president, Roxbury Township Board of Education; Anne Colucci, board member; Carol Scheneck, board member; Kathy Purcell, board member; Lisa Ferrare, director of human resources and staff development, Roxbury Township Board of Education; Christopher Milde, vice president, Roxbury Township Board of Education; Joseph Mondanaro, business administrator/board secretary, Roxbury Township Schools; Dr. Frank Santora, superintendent of schools, Roxbury Township Schools.