On Nov. 3, the New Jersey Department of Education announced approximately $41 million in preliminary grant awards for the implementation of high impact tutoring in approximately 240 New Jersey school districts to implement highly effective, evidence-based strategies that promote learning acceleration among students.

High impact tutoring is designed to enable school districts, charter schools, and renaissance school projects to work with educational service vendors, nonprofit organizations and colleges and universities to provide tutoring services at scale and provide educational assistance to students. School districts, charter schools and renaissance school projects are also able to utilize existing staff for specific tutoring programs outside of regular classroom instruction.

“With the award of high impact tutoring grants to our schools, we are not just investing in classrooms, we are investing in the potential of every student,” said Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan, acting commissioner of education. “The New Jersey Department of Education is determined to accelerate the academic growth of students across the state. This initiative will be a powerful tool that can help schools empower generations to reach greater heights.”

The approximately $41 million in round one of preliminary high impact tutoring grant awards are supported through federal funding allocated in New Jersey’s fiscal year 2024 budget. The grants focus on research-based approaches that have been proven to lead to substantial learning gains, which include: frequent, extended periods of tutoring with individuals or small groups of students; subject matter that is aligned to state learning standards; and customized, data-driven instruction based on students’ data, provided by highly qualified tutors who regularly collaborate with teachers.

Preliminary grants have been awarded to the districts in all 21 counties.

You can view the full list in the press release from the NJDOE.