Voters went to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 8, with voters in 18 districts getting the chance to act on ballot proposals in addition to many deciding who’d serve on their local school board.

In last week’s election report, results from Mercer County were not immediately available as scanners were unable to read ballots. That forced election officials to ask voters to drop their ballots into bins instead of having them scan their own ballots at polling places. The ballots were transported and scanned at the county board of elections.

While election results are not yet certified, unofficial results on the county clerk’s website show that in Trenton, voters approved changing from a Type I district appointed by the mayor to a Type II district with its members elected by the voters.

If those results hold and a change is made, the Board of School Estimate would be eliminated, future bonding for capital projects would have to be approved by public referendum, future bonding for capital projects would be based on the credit of the district as opposed to the city, the size of the board of education would increase from seven members to nine, and the­ first election of members of the board of education would take place in April 2023. If approved, there would also be other minor technical changes required that are not set forth herein.

You can view additional unofficial election results in last week’s report.