New Jersey’s fiscal year 2023 budget includes a direct appropriation of $75 million to the New Jersey Schools Development Authority to provide funding for projects related to emergent and capital maintenance needs, according to an advisory jointly issued by the NJSDA and New Jersey Department of Education.

This funding is available to SDA districts and regular operating districts to address emergent projects as well as capital maintenance projects.

Consistent with funding provided in fiscal year 2022, a chart will be provided identifying the funding available to districts for appropriate project costs. Additionally, the application process will require a certification to be signed by the district superintendent or business administrator stating that the funds provided will be used by the district for an appropriate purpose. The certification will include a project listing form for the district to identify project(s) for which the funds would be appropriately utilized.

Upon submission to the NJSDA of a duly executed certification, the NJSDA and NJDOE will review the project(s) identified by the district to confirm that the scope represents an eligible emergent project and/or capital maintenance project. After such confirmation, the NJSDA will provide the identified funds to the district through electronic transfer.

The NJDOE and NJSDA will be issuing another broadcast to districts to identify the amount available to each district and to provide the required form of certification once the submission window is open.