P.L. 2019, c. 366 (N.J.S.A. 34:1A-1.16) authorized the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to create a list on its website, dubbed the Workplace Accountability in Labor List, also known as “The WALL.”

The list identifies any person found in violation of any state wage, benefit and tax laws and against whom a final order has been issued by the NJDOL for a violation.  Any person or business named on The WALL is prohibited from contracting with any contracting unit until the liability for violations have been paid in full.

You can view The WALL here.

A local finance notice will be issued to provide local governments and boards of education with further implementation guidance. Pending further guidance, local public contracts law and public school contracts law contracting units must cross-check prospective contractor and vendor names against the WALL before awarding any contract over the quote threshold. A contract cannot be awarded to any contractor or vendor appearing on the WALL.

Please note that contracting units must continue to check applicable debarment lists as part of their procurement process. Although a person or business has been removed from The WALL, that there may be other reasons why they remain ineligible for public contracting. For example, a business may be debarred for a period of time under the New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act.

Any questions about The WALL or a given person’s status for purposes of The WALL should be directed to the NJDOL Office of Strategic Enforcement and Compliance via email or 609-376-4952.