Move over Hudson and Union counties: There is a new member of the Workshop 2022 100% Club – Somerset County.

The New Jersey School Boards Association would like to congratulate Somerset County for joining the club exclusive to counties sending all their districts to Workshop 2022. As part of the elite group, district members receive “100% Club” ribbons to wear at Workshop. They are also recognized at the Officers Reception.

As School Board Notes reported last week, Hudson County was the second to join the exclusive club on the heels of Union County, which earned bragging rights for becoming the very first member of club for Workshop 2022.

Being a member of the 100% Club is a way for counties to demonstrate their commitment to training and effective school governance.

Workshop 2022 is the largest training and information event for New Jersey school officials, offering more than 250 training programs. In addition to opportunities for board members to earn NJSBA Board Member Academy credits, NJSBA has been authorized to issue Qualified Purchasing Agent credits for school business administrators and professional development credits for certified Educational Facilities Managers. The event will also offer expanded training for school technology professionals as part of NJSBA’s commitment to helping schools reach their technology goals.

Conference Registration The group rate covers 25 team members and may include: the school board, business administrator, superintendent, facilities managers, curriculum professionals, IT staff, principals, human resource professionals and other district staff. Registration must be handled by your school business administrator. Please ask your school business administrator to register your district today!

Don’t let Somerset, Hudson and Union counties be the only ones with bragging rights at Workshop 2022. Become a member of the 100% Club by making sure all your county districts register.