• Dr. Timothy Purnell, executive director and CEO of NJSBA, welcomes attendees to the Association's Fall School Law Forum.

Hundreds of lawyers specializing in school law along with school board members and other education stakeholders attended the New Jersey School Boards Association’s Fall School Law Forum, Oct. 26, in Atlantic City.

Back at Workshop by popular demand, the conference featured some of the state’s brightest legal minds speaking on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Examining recent developments in legislation and school law.
  • Developments tied to affirmative action and race-based decision making.
  • Parliamentary procedures.
  • Issues involving school administrators.
  • School-based behavioral threat assessment.
  • School ethics.
  • Labor law and collective negotiations.
  • Ongoing issues involving transgender students.

Numerous NJSBA leaders, including Dr. Timothy Purnell, the Association’s executive director and CEO, attended the conference. Speakers included: Michael F Kaelber, president of the New Jersey Association of School Attorneys and coordinator of continuing legal education and research at the Foundation for Educational Administration; Kathleen Asher, director of legal and labor relations at NJSBA: John Burns, senior legislative counsel at NJSBA; Kathryn A. Whalen, legal counsel/HR at NJSBA: David B. Rubin of David B. Rubin, P.C.; Perry L. Lattiboudere of Adams, Gutierrez & Lattiboudere, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Award at the conference; Carl Tanksley Jr., general counsel at NJSBA; Joseph Rosell of Schenck, Price, Smith & King; Andrew Schwartz of the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association; David Disler of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman; Jeff Gale, director of the Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning at the New Jersey Department of Education; Dr. Tom Gambino with the Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning at the NJDOE; John G. Geppert Jr. of Scarinci & Hollenbeck; Patrick Duncan, special assistant for labor relations  at West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District; Robert J. Merryman of Apruzzese, McDermott, Mastro & Murphy; Bruce W. Padula of Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri, Jacobs; Robyn Gigl of Dilworth Paxson; Matthew J. Giacobbe of Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri, Jacobs; Marc H. Zitomer of Schenck, Price Smith & King; John E. Croot Jr. of Adams, Gutierrez & Lattiboudere; Willam S. Donio of Cooper Levenson; and Arsen Zartarian of Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri, Jacobs.