The New Jersey Department of Education invites every school in every district to participate in the governor’s 2022-2023 Educator of the Year program to honor hardworking teachers and educational services professionals for their dedication to students and the profession.

This program promotes a culture that recognizes excellence, creates a sense of pride and brings public attention to the work of outstanding educators. Please remember to consider exceptional educators with diverse backgrounds to ensure that honorees represent the ethnic/racial diversity of our state.

  • Review all Governor’s Educator of the Year Program Materials.
  • Access all pertinent forms such as the nomination form, nomination form scoring guide and school information form on the program materials link.
  • Adhere to the program timelines and eligibility criteria by following the school level instructions to nominate and select one Teacher of the Year and one Educational Services Professional of the Year per school by Nov. 18.
  • Register your Teacher of the Year and Educational Services Professional of the Year by first uploading your completed school information form and then completing the fields in the GEOY online form by Dec. 2.
  • Notify all nominated educators in your school if they won or not by Dec. 9.

All registered Teachers of the Year and Educational Services Professionals of the Year will receive a state awards certificate from their county office of education.

If you have questions, contact Nancy Besant.