The period of availability for the state fiscal year 2022 American Rescue Plan Individuals with Disabilities Education Act supplemental award expires Sept. 30, 2023. Therefore, each local educational agency, charter school, renaissance school project and state agency that obligated and expended ARP IDEA supplemental funds must complete the ARP IDEA Final Report of actual expenditures, the New Jersey Department of Education noted in an advisory.

Please review the July 28, 2021, broadcast memo for detailed information regarding this award and its requirements.

The ARP IDEA Final Report is available in the Electronic Web-Enabled Grant system under state fiscal year 2022. Attachment A contains directions for completing the final report. The final report must be submitted by Oct. 20, 2023. Any delay in the submission will negatively impact the state’s ability to close out ARP IDEA obligations within the prescribed timeframe.

The final report contains financial information including, but not limited to, total expenditures, funds paid to date, unexpended funds, overpayments, and refunds to the NJDOE. This information will allow the EWEG system to close out the grant period by providing LEAs with an exact accounting of the funds as they relate to: 1) the amount of funds that remain to be paid; 2) the amount of funds that were overpaid and will need to be subtracted (offset) from unexpended balances; and 3) the amount of unexpended funds that must be returned to the United States Department of Education.

Important Reminders
  • All ARP IDEA obligations must be expended prior to Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023. Any remaining funds will be returned to the USDOE.
  • ARP IDEA funds related to required Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services expire Sept. 30, 2023. Any remaining funds attributed to these activities will be returned to the USDOE.
  • ARP IDEA funds related to proportionate share expire Sept. 30, 2023.
  • The excess cost and maintenance of effort compliance requirement for ARP IDEA supplemental funds will be assessed in the state fiscal year 2023 IDEA-B Final Report, which is due Oct. 13, 2023. An updated excess cost worksheet has been added to that report. Please follow the instructions provided.

Contact your county special education specialist or the Office of Fiscal and Data Services via email if you have any questions.