The NJ4S information system is operational, and the schools that have already provided contact information through the survey have received instructions by email on how to access the system and training modules, as detailed in a previous memo from the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.

In a new memo, the DCF reminds schools that they MUST register a representative using the survey link to gain access to the NJ4S information system. If your school plans to request services at any time during the year, you should register a representative from your school as soon as possible to access those services.

Many Hubs are offering “Back to School” Tier 1 programming in community-based settings. If you haven’t already, the DCF advises you to reach out to your district’s/school’s Hub to learn more about these locally based services. You can also access that information on the NJ4S portal.

If your district/school has not yet registered:

You must complete the survey, which will ask whether you are a principal or superintendent. It will then take you to a school list (if principal) or district list (if superintendent) based on the county your district is in. You will need to find your school in the list and provide first name, last name, job title and email address of your primary and secondary representative. Charter schools will need to complete survey information both in the school (principal) list as well as the district (superintendent) list.

Security for the information system requires a unique representative’s email address for each school building. The DCF team has been reaching out to individuals who have registered for multiple schools or a combination of schools and districts to work with them to ensure that they, the schools and the district have appropriate access to the dashboard or the information system in order to apply for services.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact the DCF via email.