Citing a desire to increase collaboration and maximize efficiency, NJSBA Executive Director Dr. Lawrence Feinsod has announced a reorganization of the Association that will realign departments under five main divisions: Executive Office, Finance and Operations, Professional Learning; Member Services and Strategic Partnerships; and Communications, Information Technology and Marketing.  The reorganization was effective Sept. 1.

Patrice Maillet has been named acting deputy executive director of NJSBA. She will also head the Member Services and Strategic Partnerships division, which includes the exhibit manager, products and services manager, business development/Workshop coordinator, STEAM and sustainable schools specialist, business development and STEAM Tank coordinator, Legal, Labor Relations and Policy staff, and NJSBA receptionist.

The Executive Office departments will include Governmental Relations, Member Engagement, Human Resources, the general counsel, the chief public affairs officer, and the educator-in-residence. These units will report directly to Dr. Feinsod.

The Finance and Operations division, which will be headed by John Faford, director of finance, will include the finance, accounting and bookkeeping units, the facilities and support services, maintenance specialist, and mailroom staff.

The Professional Learning division includes the Field Services department and its manager; member training and professional development manager; training and professional development coordinator; and manager of general operations and support staff. The division will be headed by a new director of professional learning, a position for which the Association is currently recruiting.

The Communications, IT and Marketing division, headed by Lauren Cuervo, includes the information technology unit, the manager of graphic design, the front-end web developer/graphic designer, the digital marketing specialist, the managing editor, assistant editor/communications program specialist, the NJSBA Call Center, and the media production specialist.

All divisions will include the support staff already serving the departmental units.