Annual Workshop has always been a place for me to connect with others who are just as passionate about education as I am.

If last year is any indication, I know that virtual Workshop 2021 will once again be a gratifying professional experience.

School board members, superintendents and business administrators from throughout New Jersey convene each October for the three-day conference to sharpen their governance skills, understand the latest policy changes affecting districts, and to learn from one another in an inclusive and supportive climate.

Each of the 100 training sessions this year are carefully selected to provide our thousands of attendees with pertinent and practical information that they can take back to their districts to help improve public education.

We will gain knowledge from experts in a variety of fields, including school law, policy, negotiations, school facilities, special needs, equity, community relations and sustainable practices. Sessions will cover newly-enacted legislation, opportunities for federal funding and best practices aimed at improving our overall public education system.

For our newest members, Workshop can empower you by illuminating your essential role and responsibilities through the targeted training being offered. You can close any gaps in areas that you want to learn more about, network with others so that you can circle back with them after the conference is over, and be more effective so that you can deliver results as an education leader in your community.

At Workshop, we celebrate all the successes of public education in New Jersey. We come together to form and reaffirm friendships, compare notes, build our skill set and bond with our peers.

There will also be plenty of opportunities during Workshop to meet and collaborate with like-minded colleagues. I always find the informal discussions that take place between fellow board members to be immensely valuable.

Over the years, I have relished the opportunities to see amazing student art projects, listen to moving musical performances, watch awe-inspiring robotics presentations and attend challenging quiz bowls.

I have enjoyed the impressive skills of our vocational and technical school students and participated in conversations with countless public school-centered vendors.

Let’s recommit to another school year of effective governance and collaboration with everyone in our community to bring about positive student outcomes. Workshop can help us get there.

So, I invite you to make room in your busy calendar for this worthwhile event. Find a comfortable spot in your office or home, set up your favorite virtual device for this user-friendly platform, and get ready to feel refreshed and motivated for the rest of this school year.

See you online at Workshop!