Establishing and maintaining carefully considered and clearly defined systems is essential for the smooth operation and growth of any organization. Research supports this notion, emphasizing the pivotal role of robust systems in providing a firm foundation for teams and departments to operate within a shared vision. Contrary to common belief, strong structural integrity actually promotes flexibility and creativity, fostering an environment where creativity, ingenuity, and problem-solving can flourish.

At NJSBA, we recognize the importance of trust, transparency and relationships in developing better systems that ultimately provide a stronger membership organization to support all members effectively. Our focus on instituting systems reflects our commitment to better serving each of you, our members. 

We recently implemented staff cross-pollination efforts to encourage idea-sharing among departments. We convene diverse groups comprising representatives from various teams to ensure comprehensive discussions and decision-making processes that cater to the needs of our members. This collaborative approach ensures that decisions are well-informed and reflective of diverse perspectives and experiences. It is my belief that differing ideas make our decisions stronger. 

Additionally, our goal-setting process emphasizes the alignment of individual objectives with NJSBA’s strategic priorities (Content, Connection, and Advocacy), while also promoting personal growth and development among staff members. Regular progress reviews at both departmental and organizational levels allow for ongoing reflection and course correction as needed, ensuring that we stay on track despite inevitable challenges and distractions.

At the highest level of NJSBA, regular meetings with our officers provide valuable feedback and insights into areas for improvement and better alignment with the needs of boards of education. This inclusive approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement and responsiveness to evolving demands. Instituting these systems has already yielded tangible benefits for NJSBA, including enhanced communication, collaboration, and innovation. 

By prioritizing the improvement of our organizational systems, we aim to better serve New Jersey’s local boards of education and ensure that NJSBA remains a reliable and invaluable resource for all members.

Our commitment to this work is continued with our board of directors’ support in the establishment of a new position focused on quality control. This role will be dedicated to examining and optimizing our systems to enhance their effectiveness and interconnectivity, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for each of you, our members.