field-servicesMarketing/Public Engagement Referenda

NJSBA will help your board create a school marketing and public information plan. This plan can be tied into bond referendum and school budget campaign planning as well.

A solid public information and school marketing plan will help stimulate understanding between the board, administration, staff and community. If your school district wishes to improve understanding of your goals and accomplishments–and if the board wishes to incorporate public opinion in helping it shape decisions–then a public information and school marketing plan will help.

Bond Referendum

Field Service Representatives can assist you from planning your campaign to voting day. NJSBA will:

  • Offer helpful tips on how to organize and promote the campaign.
  • Establish comprehensive timelines.
  • Provide suggestions on public engagement.
  • Identify key communicators.
  • Facilitate public forums.
  • Develop public information techniques to effectively communicate your message.
  • Design a voters registration and absentee ballot drive.

School/Community Relations

Board members continually deal with the public and the media. NJSBA can help you with specific programs and general public relations. Services include:

  • Public relations campaigns for budgets and referenda.
  • Information on working with citizens’ committees.