Comments from Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, Executive Director

New Jersey School Boards Association

Last fall, when I became executive director of the New Jersey School Boards Association, I made a commitment to expand our initiatives in the area of sustainability.  People asked me why.  What is the relationship between sustainability and education?

In fact, the linkage is one that ultimately reaches into the classroom, with benefits to our students’ physical and academic well-being.  And that is why, in efforts to promote sustainability, NJSBA has invested over $800,000, including funding available through its energy cooperative and corporate sponsors.  Our efforts include—

Researching the environmental, financial and educational benefits of sustainable practices,  NJ Sustainable School Project (NJSSP)

  • Securing a full-time sustainability specialist on our staff,
  • Bringing a U.S. Green Building Council fellow to New Jersey to give our schools direction on sustainable practices, and
  • Training local boards of education on the importance of sustainability to schools and district governance.

Sustainable practices result in healthier schools. They reduce operating costs and free up money for the classroom. And, in the end, they contribute to student success.