The Carole E. Larsen Master Board Certification (MBC) is awarded in recognition of high performing boards. The board must provide evidence to demonstrate an emphasis on student achievement in their board actions. To earn the Carole E. Larsen Master Board Certification, a currently Certified board must complete at least 10 additional hours of training for a total of 28 board credits.

The board must:

  • Participate in at least one full-day retreat or the equivalent in board workshops
  • Verify through an NJSBA Policy Wellness Check that the board’s policy manual is up-to-date
  • Complete an analysis of the district’s union contract by NJSBA’s labor relations staff
  • Demonstrate board effectiveness through the board self-evaluation and the New Jersey Department of Education monitoring process

Attendance at these sessions must include at least seven out of nine board members, five out of seven, or four of five, and the chief school administrator.

Upon completion of requirements for any board certification level, the board will receive an NJSBA plaque to memorialize the accomplishment.

NJSBA Board Academy credits are earned on a three-year cycle beginning July 1 for the Fall awards and January 1 for the Spring awards. All board and member certification awards will be presented at the local county school boards association meetings.