TRENTON, March 1, 2018–In less than two weeks, on March 14, a nationwide student “walk-out” will take place in schools throughout the nation. The demonstration, termed “March for Our Lives” by its organizers, is intended to bring to the attention of federal and state lawmakers the need to address school security-related matters, particularly access to firearms and mental health services.

“For local school boards, the demonstrations raise issues of school attendance, the board’s discipline policies, students’ right to free speech and, above all else, safety,” explained Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, New Jersey School Boards Association executive director.

To help local school leaders determine an appropriate course of action for their districts, NJSBA has issued “Addressing the March 14 Student Walk-Out: Guidance and Information.” This guidance document provides balanced information from NJSBA and other sources on subjects including student safety, alternative education events, staff assignments, the rights of non-participating students, and communication with parents and students.

Addressing the March 14 Student Walk-Out: Guidance and Information can be accessed at


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