The Division of Local Government Services (DLGS), Department of Community Affairs, adopted emergency regulations to allow local governments and school districts to utilize online platforms for procuring goods, services, power supply, and contracts for public works projects. These emergency regulations are being concurrently proposed for permanent adoption and have been published in the June 15 New Jersey Register. The Notice of Emergency Adoption and Concurrent Proposal can be accessed on the DLGS website.

Executive Order 127 allows emergency rules that would otherwise expire during the current public health emergency to be extended until 90 days following the end of the public health emergency. As such, the local unit e-procurement rules, which would otherwise statutorily expire on July 20, will remain in effect until 90 days following the end of the public health emergency.

Any formal comments on the regulations should be emailed to with the heading “Electronic Procurement Regulations – Rule Proposal Comment.” The deadline for comment submission is July 15.

Questions about the use of electronic procurement platforms should be sent to the Division of Local Government Services at

July 10, 2020

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