The Value of Your School Board’s Membership in NJSBA

What does my district get for its NJSBA dues?

In January 2015, Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director, appointed a staff task force to answer that question by assessing the value of the Association’s dues-based services. The task force identified more than $33.7 million in member value for 2013-2014—an amount four-and-a-half times greater than annual statewide dues. The value includes professional development, energy-savings programs, onsite consultation, and legal, policy and labor relations services.

The $33.7 million figure does not include the savings available through newer NJSBA programs, such as the dues-based services offered by the Grants Support Program and on-site consultation and training in sustainable practices and STEM education. Nor does it include the value of NJSBA’s advocacy on behalf of local school boards before the legislature and courts. Nonetheless, the financial benefits of just two recent advocacy achievements—preserving school districts’ option to subcontract services and rolling back the state’s school construction grant assessment—exceeded $40 million in 2013-2014.

The numbers—33.7 million plus $40 million—are impressive. However, for local school boards, the long-term value of NJSBA services are adoption of best practices, avoidance of costly litigation, the lowering of staff and operating costs, and reduction of professional consultant fees.

FINAL REPORT: The Value of NJSBA Task Force (March 2015)

New Jersey School Boards Association

Statement of Core Values and Beliefs

  • The New Jersey School Boards Association believes that the mission of the public schools is to educate and prepare all students to be productive citizens.
  • The NJSBA believes that public education is the cornerstone of a strong democratic society.
  • The NJSBA believes that the most essential component of public school governance is the local board of education and that the best decisions for education are made by those closest to our students and our communities.
  • As the only state-level education organization not representing school employees, the NJSBA values its ability to advocate for our students unbridled by any special interests.
  • The NJSBA values its role as advocate, resource and trainer, thereby providing local boards of education with the tools, skill and knowledge to function effectively, ethically and efficiently.
  • NJSBA believes that the success of New Jersey’s public schools stems from the dedication and commitment of local school board members to our state’s 1.37 million public school students and their communities.