Final Report from the NJSBA Firearms Safety Task Force: Processes, Programs and Practices for Safety in School, Home and Community: In February 2023, the NJSBA’s Firearms Safety Task Force published a detailed report after reviewing research on firearm deaths and injuries; the impact of children’s exposure to violence; effective strategies to protect children from accidental injury; safe gun storage, handling and use; and school- and community-based partnerships that address students’ mental and emotional health, and help them overcome trauma and defuse conflict. The report offers local boards recommendations and suggested actions that reflect strategies endorsed by child welfare organizations, gun-owner groups, the medical community, experts in public health, education organizations and other advocates.

Report on K-12 Climate Change Education Needs in New Jersey  (2022) NJSBA teamed up with experts from Sustainable Jersey and other stakeholders from the education community to release this in-depth report, which will serve as a key resource for the school community to successfully navigate new learning standards adopted in June 2020 that made New Jersey the first state to incorporate K-12 climate change education across content areas.

Education During the Pandemic: A Series of Special Reports (2020 – 2021)

Building a Foundation for Hope (2019), Task Force on Mental Health Services in the Public Schools, provides over 70 recommendations, along with guidance and best practices.

Final Report: School Security Committee (2018), an update of NJSBA’s 2014 study, What Makes Schools Safe?, includes 15 new recommendations on response and recovery, law enforcement in schools, cybersecurity, after-school security, the use of schools as polling places, and other areas.

Educational Opportunities for the Non-College-Bound Learner (2018), an NJSBA task force makes 69 recommendations, identifying strategies to ensure that our schools are meeting the needs of the career-focused student.

Impediments to School District Regionalization (2018), prepared for the Office of the Governor, this NJSBA report identifies statutory and regulatory obstacles to locally initiated regionalization efforts and ways to remove these barriers.

NJSBA Task Force on Student Achievement (2017), a 107-page report that includes research and resources on the school board’s role in advancing teaching and learning, the impact of poverty, and the importance of early childhood education and social-emotional learning, with 83 recommendation for action.

Task Force on New Jersey’s Accountability Regulations: Final Report (2016), NJSBA’s comprehensive study of state code (N.J.A.C. 6A:23A), “Fiscal Accountability, Efficiency, Budgeting,” with 63 recommendations for improvement.

Unfunded and Underfunded State and Federal Mandates: A Burden on Local School Districts (2016)

N.J. Sustainable Schools Project (2015), a three-year study of the educational and financial benefits of “greening” existing schools

Health and Wellness (2015), report of the Task Force on the Impact of Health and Wellness on Student Achievement

What Makes Schools Safe? (2014), report of the NJSBA School Security Task Force

Special Education: A Service, Not a Place (2014), report of the NJSBA Special Education Task Force

Impact of the Salary Cap on Chief School Administrators (2014), NJSBA’s survey on the state regulation limiting superintendent’s compensation