The Final Report of the Task Force on Student Achievement includes extensive references to research and resources on a wide range of subjects, including the school board’s role in advancing teaching and learning; the impact of poverty; early childhood education; social-emotional learning; and collaboration with municipalities, social service agencies and higher education.


Table of Contents and Cover

Letter of Transmittal

Task Force Membership

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: The Challenge Ahead

Chapter 2: Closing the Achievement Gap – Obstacles and Strategies

Chapter 3: The Local School Board – A Positive Influence on Student Achievement

Chapter 4: Using Data to Recognize Success, Identify Challenges, Drive Decisions

Chapter 5: The Impact of Employment on Student Achievement

Chapter 6: Early Childhood Education

Chapter 7: Communication, Collaboration, Parental Involvement

Chapter 8: Schools and the Juvenile Justice System

Chapter 9: Social-Emotional Learning

Chapter 10: Labor-Management Collaboration

Chapter 11: New Jersey School Boards Association Policy

Chapter 12: Our Work Is Incomplete


In reaching its findings and recommendations, the Task Force heard presentations by state education officials, representatives of higher education, members of the teaching profession, public health providers, and local school district leaders. The result is a report that not only provides direction for education policy at the state and local levels, but which also serves as a resource on best practices and relevant research.