Hiring qualified staff, including teachers, school leaders, administrative staff and more is critical to the successful operation of districts.

The New Jersey School Boards Association is helping public schools meet staffing challenges with its new job listing marketing service. New Jersey school districts and charter schools can now tap our online reach to promote hard-to-fill positions, no matter the category.

Why pay several hundred dollars to advertise a job on a site that’s not designed or targeted for the education community? Leverage our platform to enjoy better, cost-effective results.

Benefits include:

  • Your logo embedded in the job posting.
  • Your digital job posting on a page specifically designated for school jobs on a site for those invested in education.
  • Your link to bring candidates to your jobs portal or to an expanded listing so they can apply.
  • Inclusion in a weekly-targeted email to educators and education leaders.
  • Promotion of the employment page on NJSBA’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Special Introductory Price

You get all the above for the low introductory price of only $249 per post, which will keep your advertisement live for 60 days.

Renew your advertisement as many times as you want to drive traffic to your job openings.

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