Workshop 2022 promises to be amazing!  

Each year we – board members, superintendents, and business administrators – look forward to October and the opportunity to come together.

We come together to celebrate the excellent public education provided in New Jersey, 

We come together to reaffirm friendships, share experiences and provide support to each other. 

We come together to learn from each other and from experts in current educational themes. 

This annual event is also our singular opportunity to meet with our partners from business, the military, government agencies, nonprofits and higher education.

This year, I am happy to undertake a new Workshop task – introducing and welcoming NJSBA’s new executive director, Dr. Timothy Purnell. As you may know, he was the unanimous choice of the NJSBA Executive Director Search Committee. 

Dr. Purnell, who officially took over as the Association’s executive director and CEO in early July, is a veteran educator who has served as a teacher, superintendent and executive county superintendent. He also brings the knowledge and experience he has gained through education-related entrepreneurial ventures.  

He has received notable recognition for his leadership skills. In 2015, Tim was named as New Jersey Superintendent of the Year by the New Jersey Association of School Administrators, and in 2016, he was awarded National Superintendent of the Year by the National Association of School Superintendents.

But Tim’s personal qualities are just as impressive as his resume. He is as friendly as he is professional. He is both knowledgeable and a quick learner. And he actively seeks the input of board members as he continues his onboarding process, guiding our organization to meet the needs of all our approximately 5,000 members.  

To learn more about Tim’s background and his views on educational issues, I recommend you read the profile of him that begins on page 18 of this issue of School Leader. 

I would also urge members to take the time while in Atlantic City to shake his hand, welcome him to NJSBA and offer your insights! I hope you will take the opportunity to build a relationship with him and our whole leadership team by attending county meetings and the wide array of training sessions we have scheduled in the months ahead. 

When we say our farewells at the end of three days of Workshop – three days filled with training opportunities, swapping ideas with other board members and individual and group meetings – we will leave exhausted but invigorated, and with a renewed commitment to providing and improving educational opportunities for all the students in our districts. 

Irene LeFebvre