Employment  Teacher forfeited CEAS as condition of plea agreement to enter into PTI.

1/24/2019: I.M.O.Certificate of Kenneth W. Gilmore: Docket No. 1718-208

Voluntary three year suspension of certificates.  1/24/2019:  I.M.O. Certificate of Rebecca Gramling: Docket No. 1718-112

Voluntary forfeiture of teaching certificates as condition of dismissal of criminal charges.

1/24/2019:  I.M.O. Certificate of Remarno Chambers: Docket No. 1314-209

Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office notified Examiners that teacher pled guilty to 3rd degree Endangering-Abuse/Neglect of a Child By Non-Caretaker and sentenced to five years’ probation and disqualified from public employment. Examiners revoked teacher’s certifications.  1/24/2019:  I.M.O. Certificate of Ronald F. Kraus: Docket No. 1718-196

Teacher was charged with Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer after she slapped a police officer and refused to get on a stretcher when she was found on the street, intoxicated. The charge was downgraded and remanded to municipal court where teacher was convicted of Refusal to Obey. Five years earlier, Examiners suspended teacher’s certificates for two years due to two DWI convictions. Teacher failed to respond to present allegations and Examiners revoked teacher’s certificates.  1/24/2019: I.M.O. Certificate of Rose L. Farrell: Docket No. 0809-216

Teacher pled guilty to Theft by Unlawful taking-Moveable Property valued at $75,000 or more. On March 2, 2018, she was sentenced to a five-year term of drug court. Where teacher did not contest the facts of the matter, Examiners revoked certificates.  1/24/2019:  I.M.O. Certificates of Jenny M. Divone: Docket No. 1617-186

Substitute teacher entered a Pre-Trial Intervention program for a period of 18 months after being charged with Insurance Fraud and Theft by Deception. Substitute teacher allegedly submitted five or more claims for compensation to the Department of Labor that contained false information and he stated that he had no other employment outside of the U.S. Post Office while he was receiving Workers’ Compensation when, in fact, he was employed by a pest control company. Substitute teacher failed to contest the allegations and Examiners revoked his certification.  1/24/2019: I.M.O. Credential of Christopher S. Cassese: Docket No. 1718-202

Teacher was charged with Aggravated Assault after he punched a NJ Transit bus operator in the face while the victim was performing his duties, causing serious bodily injury and subsequently pled guilty and, after being denied entrance into a Pretrial Intervention program, was incarcerated. teacher failed to contest the allegations and the Examiners revoked his certificates.

1/24/2019:  I.M.O. Credential of David L. Hood: Docket No. 1718-218

Substitute teacher pled guilty to a federal charge of Conversion and Misapplication Concerning Program Receiving Federal Funds after he embezzled approximately $700,000 during his employment as an athletic director at Baruch College.

Teacher contended that while he worked for Baruch College, he and other coaches were allowed to use athletic facilities to fundraise and generate additional income for their prospective teams and personal gain. He stated that he was told by the college’s Vice President of Student Affairs to be “entrepreneurial” and that he could keep some of the profits from his efforts for himself “to compensate for the fact that he worked much more than was required under his contract.” The Board determined that no material facts related to Joseph’s offense were in dispute since he did not deny that he had engaged in the conduct alleged in the Order to Show Cause. Substitute credential revoked.  1/24/2019: I.M.O. Credential of Machli K. Joseph: Docket No. 1718-201

Teacher pled guilty to Resisting Arrest/Eluding-Causing Risk of Physical Injury, Aggravated Assault-On Law Enforcement Officer-Bodily Injury and Throwing Bodily Fluid at Law Enforcement Officer. On June 2, 2017, he was sentenced to two years probation. Teacher failed to contest the allegations and the Examiners revoked his certificates.  1/24/2019: I.M.O. Essex County Superior Court-Criminal Division and the Criminal History Review Unit (CHRU) had forwarded regarding substitute teacher. Substitute teacher subsequently pled guilty to Improper Behavior after being charged with Receiving Stolen Property and Weapons Manufacturing. He obtained Hurricane Sandy Disaster Assistance Grant and Loan monies through FEMA by creating the false impression that an address in Newark was his primary residence at the time of Hurricane Sandy, when it was not. Substitute did not contest the allegations and Examiners revoked his certificate.  1/24/2019: I.M.O. Credential of Thomas J. Reddick: Docket No. 1718-205

Voluntary forfeiture of certificate.  1/24/2019:  I.M.O. Certificate of Sharon M. Malzberg: Docket No. 1718-152

1/24/2019: I.M.O. Certificates of Bradley H. Donaldson: Docket No. 1718-255

1/24/2019I.M.O. Certificates of Deborah E. Griffith: Docket No. 1516-174

Voluntary forfeiture of certificate with force and effect of revocation.  1/24/2019: I.M.O. Certificates of Dorrell P. Howard: Docket No. 1819-129

1/24/2019: I.M.O. Certificates of Hanadie Khorchid: Docket No. 1718-144

Uncontested criminal conviction. Not indexed.  1/24/2019:  I.M.O. Certificates of Leo A. Donaldson: Docket No. 1718-124

1/24/2019:  I.M.O. Certificates of Robert E. Mays: Docket No. 1617-256

Voluntary forfeiture of certificate with force and effect of revocation.

1/24/2019: I.M.O. Certificates of Robert Seda-Schreiber: Docket No. 1718-211

Not posted

1/24/2019I.M.O. Credential of Kara V. Salvatoriello: Docket No. 1718-176

1/24/2019I.M.O. Credential of Sharon H. Gonzalez: Docket No. 1516-215