Technology for Education and Career (NJSBA TEC)

New Jersey School Boards Association’s Technology for Education and Career (NJSBA TEC) program provides cost-saving solutions for delivering the most current school technology and digital learning opportunities.

NJSBA TEC enables schools to purchase discounted school technology. Additionally, schools are able to access free and low-cost resources. The program is supported by the New Jersey Department of Education. Partners within the NJSBA TEC program include:

Cooperative Pricing System

Many of the products offered within the NJSBA TEC program are part of NJSBA’s cooperative pricing system. The NJSBA cooperative pricing system eliminates the need for your district to undergo the competitive bidding process. Learn more.

Future Ready Schools – NJ Certification Program

The NJSBA TEC program aligns closely with the Future Ready Schools – NJ (FRS-NJ) certification program. Learn more about becoming “Future Ready” certified.

Learn more about how NJSBA’s TEC can help with your district’s technology needs. Email