NJSBA TEC Cooperative Pricing System

The NJSBA TEC cooperative pricing system eliminates the need for your district to undergo the competitive bidding process. The program, supported by the New Jersey Department of Education, enables school districts and member charter schools to purchase deeply discounted school technology, and access free and low-cost resources. We’ve done the work for you so that your schools—and taxpayers—can benefit from these low rates.

The following products are included in the Cooperative Pricing System. To learn more about each, including supporting documentation, click on the links below.

Get Started Today 

Your district’s or school’s NJSBA membership entitles you to take advantage of all of the cost-saving benefits of NJSBA’s TEC. Districts belonging to the NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System through ACES membership (see the full list of ACES members), can begin purchasing through the NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System at any time.

  • Review the full list of ACES members to see if your district or public sector agency already belongs to NJSBA’s Cooperative Pricing System
  • Districts that are members of the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES) can begin purchasing today using procurement number #E-8801-ACES-CPS.
  • Districts that are not members of ACES must pass a resolution to join the NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System to start saving money immediately.

Please review the following sample documents:

To learn more about how NJSBA’s TEC can help with your district’s technology needs, email njsbatec@njsba.org.