Cybersecurity Solutions Offered Through Carahsoft

Deployed in educational and government institutions throughout the U.S., Carahsoft’s portfolio of cybersecurity solutions provides proven, cost-effective protection for critical networks and digital information. NJSBA has partnered with Carahsoft and its vendors to make this broad range of software, hardware, implementation services, and training at discounted pricing.

Districts and public sector agencies that are members of the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES) can begin purchasing cybersecurity solutions through the NJSBA TEC program using the NJSBA procurement number #E-8801-NJSBA ACES-CPS at any time. If you are not a member of the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES) and would like to join the NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System, your district or organization must pass a resolution.

Solutions Offered Through the Contract

Carahsoft’s cybersecurity solutions address the five functions outlined in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, enabling NJSBA entities to identify, protect, detect, identify and respond to an increasing number of cyber incidents and to a broader range of cyber threats that schools are facing today.

Identify  Solutions that identify and inventory assets and vulnerabilities that reside on devices, applications, and networks. They will help you gain an institutional understanding of what systems need to be protected and help to identify your current attack surface.

Protect Prevent or limit the impact of cyber-attacks through access control, data security, patch management and maintenance, and protective methods. These solutions help you protect various asset classes like workstations, network devices, software applications, networks, data, and users.

Detect These solutions will allow you to detect cybersecurity events and anomalies that occur within devices, applications, and networks. They can assess the potential impact of an event by, discovering anomalous activity, continuously monitor information assets, hunt for intrusions, and provide security analytics.

Respond Take action and respond once a cybersecurity event is detected. These solutions assist by eradicating intrusion footholds and assessing the damage caused by an attack.

Recover These solutions help you return to normal operations after an undesirable cybersecurity event by restoring capabilities, services that were impaired and documenting lessons learned.

Specific technology vendors on the contract include:

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