In 2007, the state’s School District Accountability Act was signed into law. This multi-faceted legislation impacts school boards/charter school trustees in a variety of ways and one key area is board member/trustee training. NJSBA has been selected, by the state, as the designated training provider for all of the mandated training courses.

The School Ethics Act, (Act) N.J.S.A. 18A:12-21 et seq., provides the School Ethics Commission with the responsibility and the authority to enforce the requirements of N.J.S.A.18A:12-33 for board members/charter school trustees to complete training programs which are prepared and offered by the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA). Thus, the Commission enforces the training requirement, and the NJSBA provides the training.

All board members and charter school trustees must attend training in each of their first four years of board service, and thereafter the first year of subsequent re-elected/re-appointed term.

NJSBA recognized the confusion that board members and charter school trustees experienced in determining their current training requirements. This year Mandated Training Programs are re-titled to align with a board member’s and charter school trustee’s year of board service. In most cases, board members/charter school trustees can follow the below guide.

  • Governance I – 1st term, 1st full year of board service – New Board Member Orientation
  • Governance II – 1st Term, 2nd full year of service – Finance
  • Governance III – 1st Term, 3rd full year of service – Student Achievement
  • Governance IV – Reelected/Reappointed Board Members in the first year of any succeeding term – Legal Update

NJSBA will deliver mandated training programs throughout the state using both on-site in-person presentation programs and web-based programs.

When making the decision to use the web-based training, please be aware that you will require an Internet connection, preferably high-speed Internet access. Members with a dial-up connection will experience technical difficulties, such as slow speed of the video. Please plan your training accordingly. Further details about web-based training will also be publicized in School Board Notes and on the NJSBA website.

Training Report Form

The School District Accountability Act requires board members to report back to their districts after they have attended training or educational programs. NJSBA has developed an easy-to-complete form for members to comply with the regulations.

The form provides space to explain what the training involved and where and when it was held, as well as briefly discuss the educational benefits of the session, so that information can be shared with colleagues.

Download the Board Report Form

For more information, please contact the Call Center.