State lawmakers are considering a number of bills that would impact local school district operations. NJSBA has drafted sample resolutions that local boards of education can adopt and submit to let their state legislators know their stance on pressing legislative issues.

NJSBA encourages local school boards to formally state their position on these issues by approving resolutions and sending them to the governor, legislative leadership, their local legislative representatives, to NJSBA, and other key leaders.

Key Issues NJSBA has drafted sample resolutions on the following issues:

  • Sample Resolution to Oppose SEHBP Rate Increases This resolution is provided for boards wishing to express opposition to the proposed premium increases in the School Employees Health Benefits Program for 2023.
  • Sample Resolution Asking Gov. Murphy to Make Educators a Priority for COVID Vaccine  The NJSBA has drafted a sample resolution that asks Gov. Murphy to  identify school personnel as essential workers, given priority for the available vaccinations.
  • “Chapter 44” Financial Relief: This resolution, drafted in collaboration with the NJ Association of School Business Officials, requests that the State Legislature and Governor provide financial relief from any increased health care costs experienced by school districts due to the implementation of P.L.2020, c.44. That law made various changes to the types of health care plans districts must offer their employees, as well as the amount such employees contribute towards the costs of their health care. While some are realizing savings, several districts are experiencing increased health care costs under the law, which was intended to save money for boards of education, school employees and taxpayers.
  • Oppose Overreaching Job Protections for Athletic Coaches  (S-2843/A-1911): This legislation requires districts to provide head high school athletic coaches with three-year contracts, and assistant with two-year contracts, as well as other inappropriate job protections. If enacted, this bill will tie the hands of local school board members and administrators, preventing them from making sound personnel decisions they deem to be in the best interest of students, parents and the overall school community.
  • Sample Resolution in Support of Federal SMART Act Funding 
  • Sample Resolution Condemning Racism
  • Oppose Delay in Transmission of Property Tax Revenue to School Districts  (A-3902)This legislation would authorize the Department of Community Affairs to permit municipalities to delay the payment of property tax revenue to school districts during gubernatorial-declared emergencies.
  • Oppose Anti-Subcontracting Legislation(S-2303): This legislation would place several burdensome and expensive hurdles in the way of school districts seeking to outsource non-instructional programs and services. The NJSBA believes the decision to subcontract a service is – and must remain – a non-negotiable, managerial prerogative so that boards of education can effectively and efficiently manage their resources and quickly respond to a fiscal emergency. By essentially taking the subcontracting option off the table, boards of education will be forced to consider other alternatives to balance their budgets, such as cuts in programs and services, teacher layoffs, tax increases, or some combination of the three.  None of these options are in the best interests of either students or taxpayers and should only be employed as a last resort.
  • Oppose Tenure-Like Protections for Support Staff(S-993/A-631): This legislation would establish overreaching, tenure-like protections for non-teaching staff and likely result in time-consuming, expensive legal challenges to a board of education’s personnel actions. The NJSBA strongly opposes the measure as it would prevent districts from effectively managing employee conduct and performance.  The legislation will impede a district’s ability to respond to a budgetary shortfall, a decline in enrollment, or changing educational needs or priorities.  It will also likely lead to costly litigation that will force school districts to spend a greater share of their limited resources in the courtroom rather than in the classroom.

When local school boards approve a resolution on these or other education issues, NJSBA asks that a copy be sent to: Anette Airey, Governmental Relations Department, New Jersey School Boards Association, 413 W. State St., Trenton, NJ 08618; or via her email.

The Office of Legislative Services website contains a list of state legislators sorted by name, municipality and Legislative district.