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Can Your STEM Project Help Students Survive Remote Learning?

11/04/2021 1:00 pm

STEM or STEAM programs, especially lab sciences, are facing serious challenges with delivering 3D and high-performance applications to students remotely. IT departments are scrambling to find a solution that quickly gives students and teachers access to these labs so they can complete their course work. Developing a plan and understanding what options you have are critical to the success of these programs. Join us as we discuss solutions for New Jersey school districts to address this problem.

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Election Post Mortem

11/03/2021 11:00 am

A discussion of the Election Day results and what that means for school boards, as well as current events in Washington.

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The Perils of Electronic Communication: Understanding Your Obligations as a Public Official

08/25/2021 11:00 am

Delve into the New Jersey School Ethics Commission requirements for public school board members and learn how to avoid conflict of interest or ethics charges when expressing yourself online.

This critical session will cover updates to the state’s Open Public Meetings Act, also known as “The Sunshine Law,” which requires select government proceedings and public employee communications to be open and publicly available. We also will explore how the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) applies to school officials online.

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Negotiating Contracts during the Pandemic – Part II

08/18/2021 11:00 am

School districts are entering their second consecutive fiscal year of negotiating union contracts under the uncertainty and strain of the pandemic. Join New Jersey School Boards Association experts for tips and strategies to make it through negotiations successfully. The session will also include a labor law case update.

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Cybersecurity 101: Protect Your Data or Pay the Price

08/05/2021 1:00 pm

Ransomware is ever-present and is a lucrative business for hackers who specialize in manipulating vulnerable networks. Cybersecurity walls are no longer enough to prevent hackers from infiltrating systems, encrypting data and holding organizations ransom for their sensitive information. As ransomware has evolved, so has the response through more sophisticated, next-generation data protection platforms. Join us to explore how you can better protect your school district’s network.

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Leaping Forward Together….

06/09/2021 11:00 am

As your board works to develop your district goals for next year, join us as we reflect on what we have learned this past year, and why
It is so critical to continue to focus on student learning moving forward.

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