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Solve What’s Next with Modern Learning Experiences

07/13/2023 1:00 pm

“Fun” does not need to be sacrificed for an aligned instructional vision for your students. Student outcomes can be reached with genuine student engagement if the classroom space is strategically set up with both in mind.

School leaders who embrace the digital movement by creating new and dynamic personalized learning spaces and experiences for their students will be transformational in leading a new way of thinking for K-12 educators. There are many game-changing STEM products in the market that can be implemented to strengthen student outcomes.

The strategy teams at SHI consists of fellow leaders in educators who can support you throughout the entire instructional cycle (planning, vision, procurement, execution, and professional development). We understand school leaders’ needs and will help you go beyond purchasing new technology, creating dual purpose spaces to stretch budgets and maximize your available space.


Strategic Planning for Collaborative Technology Integration

05/11/2023 1:00 pm

Without a comprehensive approach to technology planning, implementation, and evaluation cycles, educational organizations run the risk of lacking a targeted vision that includes all proper stakeholders for long-term success.

In order to have seamless and properly budgeted technology refresh cycles, we must implement strategic critical assessments to identify and correct problem areas before they magnify.

Through SHI's assessment process, we will provide your organization with a differentiated execution plan that is tailored to your community's needs and academic instructional vision.

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How to Build Relationships in a Virtual Setting

03/23/2023 1:00 pm

Strong relationships are at the heart of the K-12 classroom, and virtual classrooms are no different. Student connections can advance learning outcomes and promote student belonging and community. Synchronous online learning offers new dimensions for student connectivity–and asks educators to rethink the ‘how’ of facilitating inspiring peer relationships. Get strategies to help educators at your school or district empower online student relationships that matter.


Looking Forward with Zoom: Education in the Next 5 Years!

08/31/2022 11:00 am

Join New Jersey School Boards Association, Zoom, and Carahsoft for an event exploring what learning could look like over the next five years. Learn how Zoom is helping thousands of schools worldwide reimagine what learning looks like. Hear what we have learned and where we think education could go in the future.

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Windows 11 in Education: Made to Empower Every Student

04/07/2022 1:00 pm

In this webinar, learn how end users can deliver high-quality learning tools for students of all abilities with Windows 11 for education on devices that are secure, easy to deploy, and manage. We will also show education devices that help end-users perform on a wide range of cost-effective, personalized education devices built for learning. We will also touch on the new, cloud-first operating system— Windows 11 SE, built for Education.

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