Policy Resources

policy resources

NJSBA has been providing policy services for 90+ years. We offer a variety of policy services backed by the Legal, Policy and Labor Relations professionals at NJSBA. Dues based resources are available to all NJSBA members at no cost. Fee based resources are available to members on a fee for service basis.

Policy making is your board’s primary responsibility. NJSBA provides services to help you formulate or revise policy; ensure that it is compliant with federal and state laws and codes; and that it is disseminated to the public. Services include: Customized Policy Manual Writing, Wellness Checks, Paperless Meeting Services, Online Policy Manual Publishing and the Critical Policy Reference Manual (CPRM).

For questions about about Legal, Policy, and Labor, contact Cindy Harrison, at
(609) 278-5254 or Email.

Contact NJSBA for any policy questions, Steve McGettigan, Policy Manager, by phone (609) 278-5265 or Email, or Jean Harkness, Policy Consultant by phone (609) 278-5268 or Email.

For more information about NJSBA Policy Fee Based services, contact Lou Schimenti via email at lschimenti@njsba.org or by phone (609) 278-5271.

Issues and Updates

Policy Update: New Model Policies on Epi-Pens, Athletics and Students with Disabilities
The NJSBA policy unit recently announced several updated model policies. (3/31)
Concussion, Emergency Preparedness, Home Instruction, Long Range Facilities Plan
NJSBA has updated several model policies and legal references in the Critical Policy Reference Manual. (3/17)
Critical Policy Reference Manual Updates
Four important policies, covering wellness and nutrition, assessment of individual needs, physical education and health, and graduation requirements have been updated recently by the New Jersey School Boards Association. (9/5)
NJSBA Model Social Media Policy Helps Districts Comply with New Law
The Association’s Policy Service has developed a model document that guides staff and student use of social media. (5/1)
Training Gives Districts a Competitive Edge at Bargaining Table
Details on two programs that will help board members prepare for labor negotiations.
Districts Settle Civil Rights Claims
The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights has posted on its website announcements of two recent settlements involving school districts.
Districts Must Provide Notice to Students Under Anti-Big Brother Law
Schools that provide students with electronic devices must provide notice, effective July 1, if the devices can collect information on the student's activity.
Policy Q&A: Board Access to Personnel Files
Can board members see evaluations of staff members, or are the evaluations confidential?
Supreme Court Refuses to Hear ‘24/7’ Policy Case
The state Supreme Court has declined to hear a case involving the Ramapo Indian Hills School Board’s appeal of a ruling that struck down a policy that would bar students from participating in sports and extracurricular activities for off-campus misconduct. (School Board Notes 1/29/12)
Appellate Court: Board's Policy Is 'Overbroad'
A school board's policy barring students from sports and clubs for off-campus misconduct was "overbroad," according to a precedent-setting appeals court opinion. (School Board Notes 6/31/12)
Policy Update: E-Rate and Internet Safety
NJSBA has updated its Internet Safety and Technology model policy to comply with the federal Children's Internet Protection Act. (School Board Notes 6/26/12)
2011 Bullying Packet
The 2011 Bullying Packet contains NJSBA model policies and legal references updated for compliance with P.L. 2010, c.122 The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.
Policy Q & A: Reimbursing Teachers for Supervisory Courses
Can a school board approve tuition reimbursement for a teacher who wants to take coursework for a supervisory position? (School Board Notes 5/8)
Team Building
The homeschooled athlete joins the team. (Jan/Feb 2012 School Leader)
It IS Your Job!
Why it’s important to have clearly written job descriptions in your district. (Sept/Oct 2011School Leader)
Do Clothes Make the Student?
Your district’s dress code. (July/Aug 2011 School Leader)
Policy Q&A: Teacher Conflicts of Interest
Are teachers prohibited from having conflicts of interest,such as running a business during school hours? (School Board Notes 4/3)