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Take a look at NJSBA’s latest Resource Catalog. It has a broad selection of materials to serve board members, school administrators and others involved in education. You can choose publications that address school finance, legal references, labor relations and policy. You can learn about the role of a board member and the skills involved in leadership. Besides books, the catalog also features CD-ROMS, videos, periodicals, e-newsletters and online subscriptions, and they are all available at your fingertips.

Download NJSBA Resource Catalog (1.2 MB)

School Leader

The official publication of the New Jersey School Boards Association, School Leader is a bimonthly magazine geared to the informational needs of school board members and administrators. School Leader highlights current trends in public education, features special theme issues on important topics, spotlights local board news and activities, and offers information on NJSBA services and seminars.

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