Online Policy Manual Publishing

NJSBA offers a policy manual hosting service online at an affordable member rate. Features of this easy and convenient service include:

  • 24/7 access to board policy on your district Web site for all to view, not just administration
  • Interactive links from each policy to related NJ codes & statutes
  • Specially designed search engine to locate specific policy language within seconds
  • Faster turnaround on policy updates
  • Customized table of contents
  • Reduced administrative costs

Additionally, the Online Policy Service helps to reduce administrative costs and free up the time of IT personnel. For more information, email

Paperless Board Meetings

The Paperless Board Meeting service is a Web-based virtual community that allows your district to create and manage a varied assortment of documents, including meeting agendas, reports and memorandums, news and announcements, and event calendars.

The average board spends about $5000 per year on postage, photocopying, messengers and paper meeting materials. This service helps you eliminate these costs by providing access to the documents online in a virtual library. It also enables your administrative staff to work more efficiently, and reduce the time now used in preparing and delivering these paper documents. Our convenient service allows your board members and staff to view agendas for upcoming meetings, and then link to all documents related to agenda items – such as reports, memos, spreadsheets, and more.

To learn more, read our Paperless Board Meetings FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).