The highest level of individual certification in the Board Member Academy is Certified Board Leader. To be awarded the CBL (Certified Board Leader), you must earn an additional 20 credits for a total of 60 BMA credits from all of the core areas, and serve for a minimum one year as a board or county officer. Board members must meet the all of the CBL requirements. Realizing that board members do not want to wait until they are eligible to earn the CBL to take these courses, NJSBA will bank the credits for you until they can be applied to that designation.

Certified Board Leader requirements:

  • Earn a cumulative total of at least 60 Board Member Academy credits
  • Attend at least ten county meetings
  • Attend at least three annual NJSBA Workshops
  • Attend at least five full-day statewide or regional professional development programs
  • Pass an examination covering areas of board responsibilities or submit a leadership portfolio
  • May not have been judged to have violated the School Ethics Act (As determined by NJSBA)
  • Serve in a leadership role for a minimum of one year (e.g., board president, vice president, county delegate, county leadership, NJSBA Board of Directors, NJSBA committee)