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Facebook Live Event: Special Topics – Equity in the Virtual Classroom  Join us for a conversation about the equity challenges districts are facing as they move further into the new school year.  NJSBA’s Educator in Residence Vincent DeLucia will discuss hidden biases, social-emotional learning and the role that schools play in social justice. There will also be discussion on the positive impact of collaboration, and the challenges of homeschooling children with special needs.

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A Conversation on the Importance of Equity in Education

What is equity in education?  How is it different from equality?  What are some inherent biases that could affect students?  How do equity issues play out in schools?  Please join us as former New Jersey Education Commissioner Kimberley Harrington Markus discusses the importance of school districts addressing equity with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney.

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Outside Resources

The New Jersey Department of Education Recently Released a Webpage of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Educational Resources here

Recommended Reading on Equity

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