Series GO/1000 – Community Relations
Series GO/2000 – Administration
Series GO/3000 – Business Operations
Series GO/4000 – Personnel
Series GO/6000 – Programs and Services 
Series GO/7000 – New Construction
Series GO/8000 – Governance Procedures
Series GO/9000 – Bylaws


This manual contains policies addressing the operations of the NJSBA, regulations developed to implement them, exhibits providing procedural details and the bylaws (9000 series) of the Association.

The manual is updated regularly as needed. It is maintained by the NJSBA Legal and Policy Services Department and any questions regarding its content or use may be directed to Policy Services at 609 695 7600, extension 5222.

How to Use the Manual

The manual is organized into nine sections, each addressing a different aspect of Association operations and each with its own index.

Note: This is an index system, not a table of contents. It is designed to identify a comprehensive list of possible policy topics and therefore not every index topic is addressed by policy.

The user should first identify the general subject of the policy sought and, after turning to the appropriate section, seek the file code number of the particular policy topic wanted.

At the bottom of each page you will find reference to the number of pages containing current Association policy on the same policy topic. Be sure to check all pages indicated to review all policies on this topic.

For each policy statement you will also find the source of the policy indicated as Authority. The following key explains the origin of the policy.

DA-/-/-Delegate AssemblyMonth/Year/Resolution Number
BD-/-Board of Director’sMonth/Year of Meeting
EC-/-Executive CommitteeMonth/Year of Meeting
CRCommittee Reports
Technical Change-/-A change made only to correct inconsistent language

For each regulation you will find the date it was issued, and for both policy and regulation, dates of revision when called for.

A file code number after Cross Filed means the same policy statement or regulation can be found at that file code number.

See Also identifies other policy statements or regulations that address related aspects of the topic. These should be reviewed to ensure a complete understanding of Association practice on the topic.

Definition of Terms

For the purposes of this policy manual the following definitions shall apply:

  1. Association shall mean the New Jersey School Boards Association.
  2. Board of Directors‘ shall mean the governing body of the NJSBA as set forth in the Association’s Bylaws.
  3. Executive Committee shall mean the Officers of the NJSBA as set forth in the Association’s Bylaws.
  4. Executive Staff shall consist of the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, General Counsel, all staff members holding the title of “Director,” and any other positions designated by the Executive Director with the consent of the Executive Committee.
  5. Professional Staff shall consist of all staff members whose positions are designated as “professional” by the Executive Director with the consent of the Executive Committee.
  6. Support Staff shall consist of all staff members whose positions are designated as “Support” by the Executive Director.

Series GO/1000 Community Relations

A. Concept and Roles in Community Relations GO/1000

  1. Remembrance of a Deceased Board of Education Member GO/1000.1Regulation
  2. Authorization for Officer and Staff Representation GO/1001
  3. Sponsorship of Conferences with Outside Agencies GO/1002
  4. NJSBA Personnel GO/1003
  5. Membership on Joint Committees GO/1004
  6. Goals and Objectives GO/1010

B. Communications with the Public GO/1100

  1. Media of Communication (Reserved) GO/1110
  2. Association Sponsored Publications, Radio and Television (Reserved) GO/1111
    a. Directory of Personnel (Reserved) GO/1111.1
    b. Advertising (Reserved) GO/1111.2
    c. Speaker Services (Reserved) GO/1111.3
    d. Mailing Services GO/1111.4
  3. Public, Press, Radio and Television GO/1112 Regulation: Relations with News Media
    a. Coverage of Board Meetings (Reserved) GO/1112.1
    b. Association News Releases (Reserved) GO/1112.2
    c. News Conferences and Interviews (Reserved) GO/1112.3
    d. Special Events (Reserved) GO/1112.4
  4. Association and Board of Directors’ Meetings GO/1120Regulation
  5. Special Meetings GO/1130
  6. Use of Association Personnel (Reserved) GO/1140
  7. Responsibilities of Association Personnel (Reserved) GO/1150
  8. Responsibilities of Delegates and Board of Directors (Reserved) GO/1160

C. Participation by the Public/Local Board Members (Reserved) GO/1200

  1. Organizations (Reserved) GO/1210
  2. Ad Hoc Advisory Committees (Reserved) GO/1220
  3. For the Board of Directors/Delegate Assembly (Reserved) GO/1221
  4. For the Staff (Reserved) GO/1222
  5. Other Association-Connected Organizations (Reserved) GO/1230
  6. Citizens’/Board Members’ Assistance to Association Personnel (Reserved) GO/1240
  7. Visits to the Association Offices (Reserved) GO/1250
  8. Loitering or Causing Disturbance (Reserved) GO/1251

D. Public Activities Involving Staff or Association Facilities (Reserved) GO/1300

  1. Relations between Public and Association Personnel (Reserved) GO/1310
  2. Participation in Community Life (Reserved) GO/1311 Political Activities (Reserved) GO/1311.1
  3. Public Complaints (Reserved) GO/1312
  4. Gifts to Association Personnel GO/1313Regulation
  5. Soliciting Funds from and by Association Personnel (Reserved) GO/1314
  6. Distribution of Materials to and by Association Personnel (Reserved) GO/1315
  7. Use of Association Facilities (Reserved) GO/1320
  8. Access to Association Procedures & Materials (Reserved) GO/1330

E. Relations Between Governmental Agencies and the Association (Reserved) GO/1400

  1. Local Units (Reserved) GO/1410
  2. Law Enforcement Agencies (Reserved) GO/1411
  3. Fire Department (Reserved) GO/1412
  4. Health Department (Reserved) GO/1413
  5. Welfare Department (Reserved) GO/1414
  6. County and Intermediate Units (Reserved) GO/1420
  7. State Government GO/1430
  8. Federal Government (Reserved) GO/1440

F. Relations between County/Area, State, Regional and National Associations and the NJSBA GO/1500

  1. County/Area Associations (Reserved) GO/1510
  2. State Associations (Reserved) GO/1520
  3. Regional Associations (Reserved) GO/1530
  4. National Associations GO/1540

G. Relations between Non-Public and Other Educational Organizations and the NJSBA (Reserved) GO/1600

  1. Parochial Schools (Reserved) GO/1610
  2. Private Schools (Reserved) GO/1620
  3. Correctional Schools (Reserved) GO/1630
  4. Colleges and Universities (Reserved) GO/1640
  5. Cooperative Arrangements with other Associations (Reserved) GO/1650
  6. Education Research and Service Centers (Reserved) GO/1660
  7. Accreditation Agencies (Reserved) GO/1670
  8. Cultural Institution (Reserved) GO/1680

Series GO/2000 Administration

A. Concept and Roles in Administration (Reserved) GO/2000

  1. Goals and Objectives (Reserved) GO/2010
  2. Relevant Statutes and Bylaws (Reserved) GO/2020

B. Administrative Staff Organization (Reserved) GO/2100

  1. Management Positions/Team (Reserved) GO/2110
  2. Organization Chart(s) GO/2120 Exhibit
  3. Line of Responsibility GO/2121
    a. Central Office Administration (Reserved) GO/2121.1
    b. Regional Office Administration (Reserved) GO/2121.2
    c. Special Programs Administration (Reserved) GO/2121.3
    d. Temporary/Acting Administrative Assignments (Reserved) GO/2121.4
    a. Job Descriptions GO/2130 Regulation

C. Administrative Operations (Reserved) GO/2200

  1. Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board Policy (Reserved) GO/2210
  2. Representative and Deliberative Groups (Reserved) GO/2220
  3. Executive Staff (Reserved) GO/2221
  4. Staff Advisory Councils GO/2222
  5. Administrator-Employee Liaison Committee (Reserved) GO/2223
  6. Affirmative Action Committee (Reserved) GO/2224
  7. Control and Communication Channels & Systems (Reserved) GO/2230
  8. Policy-Regulation Steering Committee and Procedures (Reserved) GO/2231
  9. House Organs, Manuals, Directives, Bulletins, Announcements, Reports (Reserved) GO/2232
    a. Association Annual Reports (Reserved) GO/2232.1
  10. Association Calendar GO/2233
  11. Governance Calendar GO/2233E
  12. Research, Evaluation and Planning (Reserved) GO/2240
  13. Monitoring of Product and Process Goals (Reserved) GO/2250

D. Code of Ethics (Reserved) GO/2300

E. Evaluation of Administration (Reserved) GO/2400

Series GO/3000 Business Operations

A. Concept and Roles in Business and Support Services GO/3000 Exhibit: Statutory Provisions

  1. Goals and Objectives GO/3010
  2. Relevant Statutes and Bylaws (Reserved) GO/3020

B. Budget/Budgeting System GO/3100 Regulation: Statutes and Bylaws

  1. Planning (Reserved) GO/3110
  2. Fiscal Year GO/3111
  3. Budget Calendar GO/3112
  4. Setting Budget Priorities GO/3113
  5. Preparation of Budget Document GO/3120
  6. Publication (Reserved) GO/3130
  7. Review of Budget GO/3140Regulation: Notice of Finance Committee Meetings
  8. Adoption GO/3150
  9. Transfer of Funds GO/3160Regulation: Budget Transfers
  10. Budget Administration (Reserved) GO/3170

C. Income GO/3200 Regulation: Source of Revenue

  1. LEA Funds (Reserved) GO/3210
  2. Dues GO/3211Regulation: Dues Procedures
  3. Revenue-Generating Services GO/3213Regulation: Financial Controls and Reporting Exhibit: Accounting Procedures for Fee-Based Services
  4. Educational Improvement Center Associate Program (Reserved) GO/3214
  5. State Funds (Reserved) GO/3220
  6. Federal Funds (Reserved) GO/3230
  7. Materials/Services, Fees, Fines, Charges GO/3250
    a. Former Board Member Associate Program (Reserved) GO/3250.1
  8. Sales and Disposal of Equipment and Supplies GO/3260 Regulation: Sale of Association Automobiles
  9. Sales, Licensing and Rental of Property GO/3270
  10. Royalties (Reserved) GO/3271
  11. Gifts, Grants and Bequests (Reserved) GO/3280
  12. Funds Management GO/3290
  13. Borrowing GO/3291
    a. Short-Term Loans (Reserved) GO/3291.1
    b. Debt Limitation (Reserved) GO/3291.2
  14. Investing GO/3292
  15. Depository GO/3293
    a. Signatures/Facsimiles GO/3293.1Regulation: Signatures on Association Checks
  16. Incurring Liabilities (Reserved) GO/3294

D. Expenditures/Expending Authority GO/3300Regulation: Delegation of Expending Authority,Exhibit: Internal Quality Control Form

  1. Purchasing Guides (Reserved) GO/3310
  2. Quality of Goods and Services (Reserved) GO/3311
  3. Quantity Purchasing (Reserved) GO/3312
  4. Relations with Vendors (Reserved) GO/3313
    a. Local Purchasing (Reserved) GO/3313.1
    b. Vendors’ Representatives (Reserved) GO/3313.2
    c. Performance Guarantees (Reserved) GO/3313.3
    d. Access of Vendors to Employees (Reserved) GO/3313.4
  5. Purchasing Procedures GO/3320 Regulation: Purchase Requisition for Association Service/Equipment/Programs/Meetings
  6. Requesting Goods and Services (Requisitions) (Reserved) GO/3321
  7. Describing Goods and Services (Specifications) (Reserved) GO/3322
  8. Soliciting Prices (Bids and Quotations) GO/3323
  9. Ordering Goods and Services (Purchase Orders) GO/3324 Regulation: Purchasing Regulations
    a. Contracts (Reserved) GO/3324.1
  10. Receiving Goods/Warehousing (Reserved) GO/3325
  11. Paying for Goods and Services GO/3326 Exhibit: Recurring Payments
    a. Payroll Procedures GO/3326.1
    b. Salary Checks and Deductions (Reserved) GO/3326.2
  12. Payment of Judgments/Settlement of Claims (Reserved) GO/3330

E. Accounts  GO/3400 Regulation: Payroll Controls

  1. System of Accounts GO/3410
  2. Classification of Expenditures (Reserved) GO/3420
  3. Periodic Financial Reports (Reserved) GO/3430
  4. Annual Financial Report GO/3431
  5. Annual Budget GO/3432
  6. Annual Audit GO/3433Regulation: Hiring of Auditor
  7. Periodic Audit (Reserved) GO/3434
  8. Inventories GO/3440
  9. Monies in Association Buildings GO/3450 Regulation: Funds Control
  10. Petty Cash Funds GO/3451
  11. Revolving Funds (Reserved) GO/3452
  12. Association Activity Funds (Reserved) GO/3453

F. Operations (Reserved) GO/3500

  1. Energy Audit and Conservation GO/3501
  2. Operation and Maintenance of Facilities GO/3510
  3. Grounds GO/3511 Regulation
  4. Buildings GO/3512
  5. Utilities (Reserved) GO/3513
  6. Equipment (Reserved) GO/3514
  7. Facilities, Equipment, and Materials Use GO/3515 Regulation
    Exhibit 1: Equipment Loan Form
    Exhibit 2: Use of Premises Agreement 
    a. Telephones GO/3515.1Regulation 
    b. Internal Telephone Procedures GO/3515.2Regulation
    c. Parking GO/3515.3
    d. Staff Use of Association Building(s) (Reserved) GO/3515.4
  8. Safety GO/3516
    a. Buildings and Grounds Inspection and Reporting (Reserved) GO/3516.1
    b. Warning Systems (Reserved) GO/3516.2
    c. Accident Prevention and Reporting GO/3516.3
    d. First Aid (Reserved) GO/3516.31
  9. Security (Reserved) GO/3517
    a. Site and Building Access GO/3517.1Regulation
  10. Vandalism (Reserved) GO/3517.2
  11. Records and Reports (Reserved) GO/3518
  12. Insurance Management GO/3530
  13. Employee/Officer Bonds GO/3533
  14. Office Services (Reserved) GO/3543
    a. Data Processing (Reserved) GO/3543.1
    b. Mail and Delivery (Reserved) GO/3543.2
    c. Word Processing (Reserved) GO/3543.3
  15. Debt Service (Reserved) GO/3550
  16. Capital Outlay (Reserved) GO/3560
  17. Association Records GO/3570 Regulation
    Exhibit: Retention Schedule
    Exhibit: Request for Government Records Form
  18. Maintenance Program (Reserved) GO/3571
  19. Destruction of Records (Reserved) GO/3572

G. Evaluation of Business and Support Services Operations (Reserved) GO/3600

Series GO/4000 personnel

A. Concepts and Roles in Personnel (Reserved) GO/4000

  1. Goals, Objectives and Principles GO/4010Regulation
  2. Relevant Statutes and Bylaws (Reserved) GO/4020

B. Personnel (Reserved) GO/4100

  1. Permanent Personnel (Reserved) GO/4110
  2. Recruitment and Selection GO/4111Regulation
  3. Equal Employment Opportunity GO/4111.1Regulation Exhibit
    a. Position Vacancy Notifications (Reserved) GO/4111.2
    b. Voluntary Employee Referral Program GO/4111.3Regulation
  4. Appointment and Conditions of Employment GO/4112
    a. Contract (Reserved) GO/4112.1
    b. Certification (Reserved) GO/4112.2
    c. Oaths (Reserved) GO/4112.3
    d. Health Examinations (Reserved) GO/4112.4
    e. Security/Credit Check (Reserved) GO/4112.5
    f. Personnel Records GO/4112.6 Regulation
    g. New Staff Orientation GO/4112.7Regulation Exhibit
    h. Nepotism; Husband/Wife Employment GO/4112.8
  5. Assignment/Classification (Reserved) GO/4113
    a. Load/Scheduling/Hours of Employment GO/4113.1
    b. Flex Time GO/4113.11Regulation
    c. Compressed Workweek GO/4113.12
    d. Telecommuting GO/4113.13Regulation Exhibit: Application
    e. Working from Home GO/4113.14Regulation
    f. Emergency Closings GO/4113.2Regulation
    g. Promotion GO/4113.3Regulation
    h. Position Reclassification GO/4113.4Regulation
  6. Transfer GO/4114Regulation: Transfers within Salary Grade
  7. Evaluation/Supervision GO/4115Regulation Exhibit: Evaluation Form
    a. Probation/Unsatisfactory Performance GO/4115.1
    Regulation: Corrective Action Plan Procedure
    Exhibit: Corrective Action Plan Report
    b. Grievances and Complaints GO/4115.2Regulation: ProceduresExhibit: Notice
  8. Probationary/Continuing Status (Reserved) GO/4116
    a. Seniority (Reserved) GO/4116.1
  9. Separation/Disciplinary Action GO/4117Regulation
    a. Retirement (Reserved) GO/4117.1
    b. Recognition of Staff upon Retirement (Reserved) GO/4117.11
    c. Resignation (Reserved) GO/4117.2
    d. Personnel Reduction (Reserved) GO/4117.3
    e. Dismissal/Demotion (Reserved) GO/4117.4
    f. Just Cause (Reserved) GO/4117.41
    g. Notice/Hearing (Reserved) GO/4117.42
    h. Right of Appeal (Reserved) GO/4117.43
    i. Suspension (Reserved) GO/4117.5
  10. Rights, Responsibilities and Duties (Reserved) GO/4118
    a. Civil and Legal Rights (Reserved) GO/4118.1
    b. Nondiscrimination (Reserved) GO/4118.11
    c. Grievance Procedure–Title IX (Reserved) GO/4118.111
    d. Social Networking GO/4118.12Exhibit: Acknowledgment Form
    e. Conflict of Interest GO/4118.13 Regulation: Implementation Exhibit: Advisory to Vendors Exhibit: Conflict of Interest Form
    f. Sexual Harassment (Reserved) GO/4118.14
    g. Professional Responsibilities (Reserved) GO/4118.2
    h. Academic Freedom (Reserved) GO/4118.21
    i. Code of Ethics GO/4118.22Regulation: Code of Ethics
    j. Smoking, Drinking and Use of Drugs on Association Premises GO/4118.23 Regulation: No Smoking Policy
    k. Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties (Reserved) GO/4118.3
  11. Temporary, Part-time or Work Study Personnel GO/4120
  12. Temporary Personnel GO/4121
  13. Internships (Reserved) GO/4122
  14. Part-time Personnel (Reserved) GO/4123
  15. Consultants/Special Counsel GO/4124Regulation: Employment of Special CounselExhibit: Solicitation Form
  16. Activities (Reserved) GO/4130
  17. Staff Development GO/4131Exhibit: Staff Training Request Form
    a. Exchange Assignment (Reserved) GO/4131.1
    b. Contributions to Fields of Knowledge (Reserved) GO/4131.2
    c. Tuition Reimbursement/Advance GO/4131.3RegulationExhibit: Request for Reimbursement
    d. Visitations/Conferences (Reserved) GO/4131.4
    e. Staff Membership in External Organizations GO/4131.5
  18. Publication or Creation of Materials GO/4132
    a. Copyrights and Patents (Reserved) GO/4132.1
  19. Expenses GO/4133Regulation: Executive Director Unbudgeted Travel
    a. Advances GO/4133.1Regulation Exhibit Travel Advance Form
    b. Reimbursement GO/4133.2Regulation
    c. Meals GO/4133.3Regulation: Meal Allowances
    d. Entertainment GO/4133.4
    e. Automobiles GO/4133.5Regulation; Travel Reimbursement Employee
    f. Public Transportation GO/4133.6Regulation: Parking at Airports
    g. Lodging GO/4133.7Regulation: Provision for a Single Room
    h. Telephone Charges GO/4133.8Regulation: Cell Phone Allowance
    i. Lobbying Authorization/Definition/Expenses GO/4133.9
  20. Non-Association Employment/Consulting GO/4134Regulation: Honoraria
  21. Organizations (Reserved) GO/4135
    a. Agreement (Reserved) GO/4135.1
    b. Recognition (Reserved) GO/4135.11
    c. Personnel Covered (Reserved) GO/4135.12
    d. Board/Association Rights (Reserved) GO/4135.13
    e. Employee Rights (Reserved) GO/4135.14
    f. Saving Clause (Reserved) GO/4135.15
    g. Work Stoppages (Reserved) GO/4135.16
    h. Communications/Contracts (Reserved) GO/4135.2
    i. Negotiations (Reserved) GO/4135.3
    j. Grievances/Complaints (Reserved) GO/4135.4
  22. Meetings (Reserved) GO/4136
  23. Soliciting and Selling (Reserved) GO/4137
  24. Compensation and Related Benefits GO/4140Regulation: Salary Increases Exhibit: Salary Grades
    a. Executive Director Salary Determination GO/4140.1
    b. Salary Disclosure GO/4140.2
  25. Salary Grades (Reserved) GO/4141
    a. Salary Grade Placement (Reserved) GO/4141.1
  26. Salary Checks and Deductions GO/4142
    a. Payroll Procedures GO/4142.1
  27. Extra Pay for Extra Work/Overtime GO/4143Regulation: Support Staff ‑ Overtime Computation ‑ Specific Circumstances
  28. Insurance GO/4144Regulation: Dental Coverage
    a. Disability Insurance GO/4144.1Regulation: Disability Coverage
    b. Life Insurance (Reserved) GO/4144.2
    c. Workers’ Compensation GO/4144.3Regulation: Claims
    d. Unemployment Compensation (Reserved) GO/4144.4
    e. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance GO/4144.5Regulation
    f. Life Insurance Benefit GO/4144.6Regulation
  29. Retirement Compensation GO/4145Regulation: Pension Plan
  30. Employment Related Accommodations GO/4146
    a. Credit Union (Reserved) GO/4146.1
    b. Gifts (Reserved) GO/4146.2
    c. Employee Amenities (Reserved) GO/4146.3
    d. Protective Clothing/Devices (Reserved) GO/4146.4
    e. Professional Library (Reserved) GO/4146.5
    f. Use of NJSBA Computers, Software, Email, and Internet GO/4146.6Regulation: Use of Association Computers
    g. Use of NJSBA Facilities for Physical Fitness (Reserved) GO/4146.7
  31. Employee Protection/Safety GO/4147Regulation: Bomb Threats Exhibit: Bomb Threat Checklist
  32. Emergency and Disaster Preparedness GO/4148Regulation: Emergency and Disaster Response Procedures
  33. Leaves GO/4150Regulation: Use of Sick Leave
  34. Non-cumulative with Pay (Reserved) GO/4151
    a. Personal Time GO/4151.1Regulation: Use of Personal Time
    b. Leave for Death in Family GO/4151.2
  35. Non-cumulative with Pay Differential (Reserved) GO/4152
    a. Military Leave GO/4152.1Regulation Exhibit: Verification Form
    b. Jury Duty Leave GO/4152.2Regulation
  36. Cumulative Leave with Pay (Reserved) GO/4153
    a. Sick Time GO/4153.1 Regulation
  37. Extended Leave GO/4154Regulation; NJFLA FMLA Exhibit; Extended Leave without Pay Exhibit; Employee Request (Form A) Exhibit; Certification of Healthcare (Form B) Exhibit; Employer Response FMLA (Form C) Exhibit; Return to Work Authorization (Form D)
  38. Attendance GO/4155 Regulation
  39. Vacations and Holiday (Reserved) GO/4160
  40. Association Holidays GO/4161Regulation
  41. Vacations (Reserved) GO/4162
    a. Scheduling GO/4162.1Regulation
    b. Accumulation and Advancement GO/4162.2
    c. Support Staff GO/4162.3Regulation: Accrual
    d. Professional Staff GO/4162.4Regulation: Accrual

Series GO/6000 Programs and Services

A. Concepts and Roles in Programs and Services (Reserved) GO/6000

  1. Strategic Plan GO/6001
  2. Fee-Based Direct Service Programs GO/6002

B. Association and Business Development GO/6100

  1. Sponsorship of Conferences with Outside Agencies GO/6101 Regulation; Conference Guidelines
  2. Annual Workshop GO/6102Regulation; Procedures
  3. Exhibits at Workshop and Programs GO/6103.10Regulation

C. Governmental Relations GO/6200
Political Action Committee GO/6201

D. Labor Relations GO/6300
Negotiations Service (Reserved) GO/6301

E. Legal Services (Reserved) GO/6400

  1. Legal Assistance and Amicus Policy GO/6401Regulation; Legal Information Service
  2. Legal Associate Membership Program (Reserved) GO/6402

F. Communications GO/6500

  1. Publications GO/6510Regulation; Placement of Advertising
  2. Public Relations (Reserved) GO/6520
  3. Graphics GO/6530Regulation; Interaction with DepartmentsExhibit; Program Registration Ad Coupon

G. Field Services GO/6600

  1. County Associations GO/6601
  2. Training Activities GO/6603
    a. Board Member Academy and Programs GO/6603.1Regulation; ProceduresExhibit; Course Program Creation Form
    b. Programming of Training Activities GO/6603.2Regulation
    c. Training Activities Honoraria and Expenses GO/6603.3Regulation
    d. Staffing of Training Activities GO/6603.4Regulation
    e. Evaluation of Training Activities GO/6603.5Regulation
    f. Promotion of Training Activities GO/6603.6Regulation
    g. Training Registration Fees GO/6603.7RegulationExhibit; Waiver Reduction Feel Legal Education Form
    h. Training Activities Registration GO/6603.8Regulation
    i. Training Activities Facilities GO/6603.9Regulation
    j. Cancellation of Training Activities (Reserved) GO/6603.11

H. Research and Information (Reserved) GO/6700

  1. NJSBA Policy Services GO/6701
  2. EDP Review Committee (Reserved) GO/6702
  3. Research (Reserved) GO/6703
  4. Association Mailing Lists GO/6704Regulation; Labels – Commercial Concerns
  5. Consultant Referral Service GO/6705
  6. Information Services GO/6706

I. Administrative GO/6800

  1. Alliance for Competitive Energy Services GO/6801Regulation; ACES Application Procedures
  2. New Jersey School Boards Association Insurance Group (Reserved) GO/6802
  3. Member Services GO/6803

Series GO/7000 New Construction (Series Reserved)

A. Concepts and Roles in New Construction GO/7000

  1. Goals and Objectives GO/7010
  2. Relevant Statutes and Bylaws GO/7020

B. Planning GO/7100

  1. Determining Needs GO/7110
  2. Projecting Programs GO/7111
  3. Forecasting Growth GO/7112
  4. Evaluating Existing Buildings GO/7113
    a. Retirement of Buildings GO/7113.1
  5. Determining Extent of New Construction GO/7114
    a. Alterations, Additions, Repairs GO/7114.1
    b. Temporary Facilities GO/7114.2
  6. Developing Specifications GO/7115
  7. Patterns of Participation GO/7120
  8. Involving the Staff GO/7121
  9. Involving the Public GO/7122
  10. Using Consultants GO/7123
  11. Administrative and Legal Services GO/7130
  12. General Management of Long-Range Construction Programs GO/7131
  13. Administration of Individual Projects GO/7132
  14. Services of Attorney GO/7133
  15. Services of Bond Attorney GO/7134
  16. Relations with Public GO/7140
  17. Providing Information GO/7141
  18. Conducting Bond Elections GO/7142
  19. Public Ceremonies GO/7143
  20. Relations with other Governmental Units GO/7150
  21. Local Boards of Education GO/7151
  22. Other Agencies GO/7152
  23. County and Intermediate Units GO/7153
  24. State GO/7154
  25. Federal GO/7155

C. Designing GO/7200

  1. Architectural and Engineering Services GO/7210
  2. Selection GO/7211
  3. Services GO/7212
  4. Fees GO/7213
  5. Contract GO/7214
  6. Site Development GO/7220
  7. Selection GO/7221
  8. Acquisition GO/7222
  9. Land Use GO/7223
  10. Landscaping GO/7224
  11. Building Design GO/7230
  12. Preliminary Drawings and Specifications GO/7231
  13. Working Drawings and Specifications GO/7232
  14. Detailed Drawings and Shop Drawings GO/7233
  15. “As Built” Drawings and Specification GO/7234
  16. Equipment and Furniture GO/7240
  17. Selection GO/7241
  18. Purchasing GO/7242
  19. Installation GO/7243

D. Financing GO/7300

  1. Method of Financing GO/7310
  2. Bonded Indebtedness GO/7311
    a. Debt Limitation GO/7311.1
    b. Issuance of Bonds GO/7311.2
    c. Types GO/7311.21
    d. Length GO/7311.22
    e. Use of Bond Anticipation Notes GO/7311.23
    f. Sale of Bonds GO/7311.24
    g. Temporary Investment of Proceeds GO/7311.25
  3. Short-Term Borrowing GO/7312
  4. Accumulation of Reserve Fund GO/7313
  5. Use of Current Funds GO/7314
  6. Tax Levies GO/7320
  7. Determination of Costs GO/7330
  8. Preliminary Estimates GO/7331
  9. Final Estimates GO/7332
  10. Periodic Computations During Construction GO/7333
  11. Final Computation Upon Completion of Construction GO/7334
  12. Payments to Architects, Engineers, Contractors GO/7340
  13. Periodic GO/7341
  14. Adjustments and Corrections GO/7342
  15. Final GO/7343

E. Constructing GO/7400

  1. Bids GO/7410
  2. Advertisements and Solicitations GO/7411
  3. Provision of Plans and Specifications GO/7412
  4. Time for Preparation of Bids GO/7413
  5. Deposits by Bidders GO/7414
  6. Receiving and Opening of Bids GO/7415
  7. Determining Qualifications of Bidders GO/7416
    a. Bid Bond GO/7416.1
    b. List of Completed Projects GO/7416.2
    c. Financial Statement GO/7416.3
    d. Description of Organization and Equipment GO/7416.4
    e. Non-Collusion Affidavit GO/7416.5
    f. Compliance with EEO Requirements/Affirmative Action GO/7416.6
  8. Withdrawal of Bids GO/7417
  9. Awarding Contracts GO/7418
  10. Contracts GO/7420
  11. General Conditions GO/7421
  12. Detailed Provisions GO/7422
  13. Signing of Documents GO/7423
  14. Change Orders GO/7430
  15. Justification GO/7431
  16. Authorization GO/7432
  17. Form GO/7433
  18. Protection and Guarantees GO/7440
  19. Surety Bonds GO/7441
  20. Working Conditions at Project GO/7442
  21. Insurance During Construction GO/7443
  22. Adjustments and Corrections During Guarantee Following Completion GO/7444
  23. Supervision GO/7450
  24. Central Administrative Officers GO/7451
  25. Architect GO/7452
  26. Clerk-of-the-Works GO/7453
  27. Contractors GO/7454
  28. Records and Reports GO/7460

F. Occupying GO/7500

  1. Training the Staff GO/7510
  2. Professional Personnel GO/7511
  3. Classified Personnel GO/7512
  4. Inspection of Completed Project GO/7520
  5. By Architect GO/7521
  6. By Executive Committee GO/7522
  7. By Board of Directors GO/7523
  8. Acceptance of Completed Project GO/7530
  9. Assembling and Preserving Important Documents GO/7540
  10. Dedication of Project GO/7550
  11. Naming of Facility GO/7551
  12. Recording Names of Board of Directors Members, Staff, Architects or Builders GO/7552

Series GO/8000 Governance Procedures

A. Identity and Colors GO/8000

  1. Strategic Plan (Reserved) GO/8050
  2. Planning Process GO/8051
  3. Resources for Implementation of Strategic Plan (Reserved) GO/8052

B. Membership (Reserved) GO/8100

  1. Affiliate Members GO/8104Regulation; Dues
  2. Associate Members GO/8105Regulation; Dues
  3. Loss of Membership Rights GO/8107Regulation; BOD Loss of Membership Rights
  4. Meetings of Delegates GO/8150
  5. Rules for the Conduct of the Delegate Assembly Meeting GO/8151
  6. Annual Meeting Orientation (Reserved) GO/8153

C. Officers (Reserved) GO/8200

  1. Nominating Committee GO/8203Regulation
  2. Election of NJSBA Officers GO/8204
  3. Recognition of Service GO/8205Regulation
  4. Removal from Office GO/8206
  5. Duties and Authority of Officers (Code of Conduct) GO/8250Exhibit; Code of Conduct Form
    a. Code of Conduct for Candidates GO/8250.1Exhibit; Code of Conduct Form
  6. Preparation of Officers’ Reports for Board of Directors’ Meetings GO/8259Regulation
  7. Executive Committee Members’ Expenses GO/8260Regulation
  8. Lobbying Authorization/Definition/Expenses GO/8261
  9. Duties of Vice President for Finance GO/8262
  10. Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings GO/8263

D. Board of Directors (Reserved) GO/8300

  1. Duties of Member GO/8301
  2. Alternates GO/8306
  3. Changes in Internal Policy Manual GO/8309Regulation
  4. Meeting Hours GO/8310
  5. Public Statements GO/8311
  6. Conflict of Interest GO/8312
  7. Reimbursement of Expenses for Board of Directors’ Meetings GO/8313Regulation
  8. Reporting of Board of Directors’ Expenses GO/8314
  9. Minutes of Board of Directors’ Meetings GO/8315
  10. Annual Training GO/8316
  11. Removal from Office GO/8317
  12. Code of Conduct GO/8318RegulationExhibit; Code of Conduct Form
  13. County School Boards Association GO/8319
  14. Finance (Reserved) GO/8350

E. Geographical Areas (Reserved) GO/8400

  1. Committees (Reserved) GO/8450
  2. Finance Committee GO/8453
  3. Resolutions Subcommittee GO/8454
  4. Membership on Association Committees GO/8456Regulation
  5. Committee Reports GO/8457
  6. Legislative Committee GO/8458Regulation; Legislative Committee Vacancies
  7. Audit Committee GO/8459Regulation; Approval of Unanticipated Out of Pocket Expenses
  8. Minutes of Standing Committees GO/8460Regulation
  9. School Finance Committee GO/8461
  10. Nominating Committee GO/8462Regulation; ProceduresExhibit; Code of ConductExhibit; Officer Application
  11. Ethics Committee GO/8463Regulation; Ethics Committee HearingsExhibit; Ethics Committee Form

F. Resolutions (Reserved) GO/8500

  1. Procedures GO/8507
  2. County School Boards Associations GO/8550
    Regulation: Procedures to Inform and Encourage Candidates For NJSBA Nominating Committee

G. Amendments GO/8600
Regulation; Periodic Review of Bylaws – CriteriaExhibit; Periodic Review of Bylaws Form

H. Positions and Policies on Education GO/8700
Regulation; Periodic Review of PP Manual – CriteriaExhibit; Periodic Review of PP Manual Schedule

Series GO/9000 Bylaws

A. Authority Article I GO/9000
Authority GO/9001

B. Mission Article II GO/9050
Mission GO/9051

C. Membership Article III GO/9100

  1. Regular Members GO/9101
  2. Good Standing GO/9102
  3. Affiliate Members GO/9103
  4. Associate Members GO/9104
  5. Loss of Membership Rights GO/9105

D. Delegate Assembly Article IV GO/9150

  1. Delegate Assembly GO/9151
  2. Delegates GO/9152
  3. Certification of Delegates GO/9153
  4. Regular Delegates Meetings GO/9154
  5. Annual Meeting GO/9155
  6. Special Delegate Meetings GO/9156
  7. Voting and Speaking Privileges GO/9157
  8. Exception to Voting and Speaking Privileges GO/9158
  9. Quorum; Adjourned Meetings GO/9159
  10. Delegate Votes GO/9160
  11. Manner of Voting GO/9161

E. Resolutions Article V GO/9200

  1. Purpose of Procedures GO/9201
  2. Source of Resolutions and Bylaws Amendments GO/9202
  3. Resolutions Subcommittee Report GO/9203
  4. Consultation GO/9204
  5. Duties and Authority of Resolutions Subcommittee GO/9205
  6. Override of Resolutions Subcommittee GO/9206
  7. Procedures GO/9207

F. Board of Directors Article VI GO/9250

  1. Regular Members GO/9251
  2. Qualifications GO/9252
  3. Term of Board of Directors and Alternates GO/9253
  4. Organization Meeting GO/9254
  5. Alternates; Absences GO/9255
  6. Excessive Absences GO/9256
  7. Vacancies GO/9257
  8. Duties and Authority GO/9258
  9. Meetings and Quorum GO/9259

G. Officers: Qualifications and Election Article VII GO/9300

  1. Officers GO/9301
  2. Qualifications and Terms of Officers GO/9302
  3. Limitations on Office GO/9303
  4. Election of Officers GO/9304
  5. Report of Nominating Committee GO/9305
  6. Nomination by Petition GO/9306
  7. Floor Nominations GO/9307
  8. Vacancies in Office; Interim Appointments GO/9308

H. Duties and Authority of Executive Committee Article VIII GO/9350

  1. Executive Committee GO/9351
  2. Duties of Executive Committee GO/9352
  3. Duties of President GO/9353
  4. Duties of Vice President for Legislation/Resolutions GO/9354
  5. Duties of Vice President for Finance GO/9355
  6. Duties of Vice President for County Activities GO/9356
  7. Duties of Immediate Past President GO/9357
  8. Duties of Executive Director GO/9358
  9. Succession of Duties GO/9359

I. Finance Article IX GO/9400

  1. Dues GO/9401
  2. Withdrawal of Monies GO/9402
  3. Indemnification GO/9403

J. Committees Article X GO/9450

  1. Qualifications GO/9451
  2. Legislative Committee GO/9452
  3. Nominating Committee GO/9453
  4. Finance Committee GO/9454
  5. Resolutions Subcommittee and Emergency Resolutions Subcommittee GO/9455
  6. Urban Boards Committee GO/9456
  7. Audit Committee GO/9457
  8. Ethics Committee GO/9458
  9. School Finance Committee GO/9459
  10. Special Education Committee GO/9460
  11. Standards and Assessment Committee GO/9461
  12. Ad Hoc Committees GO/9462
  13. Committee Reports GO/9463
  14. Conflict of Interest GO/9464
  15. Geographical Areas GO/9465

K. County School Boards Associations Article XI GO/9500

  1. County School Boards Associations GO/9501
  2. County Association Leadership GO/9502

L. Amendments of Bylaws Article XII GO/9550

  1. Amendments GO/9551
  2. Purpose of Procedure GO/9552
  3. Amendment Procedures GO/9553

M. Statutory Provisions GO/9600